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[Review + Discount Code] Durian Delivery - 100% Bao Jiak !

Love it or hate it, this spikey green fruit with a distinct smell, also known as Durian (The 'King' of fruits) is in the season again and this time, it is a good time due to the bumper crop and yes at a more afforable price!

The durians and I had a love-hate relationship. I loved it when I was a child but there was a period when my mum had so much love for durians and us, we were eating durians on almost a daily basis. To a stage, I puckered my nose whenever I smelled durians near me. I stopped eating for a few years until 7 years ago when I went on a Desaru Trip with my gang, the love for durians rekindled.

Yesterday, together with Cynthia (Ilovedefamily) and Jennifer (Dinomama), I invited them over and welcomed the weekend with a durian party, with a supply of fresh and good quality durians from Durian Delivery!

With young kids and everyone's schedules were different, instead of lugging the whole gang to durian stalls, be stuck in the long queue while eyeballing the juniors, I will prefer to enjoy licking the creamy fruit off my fingers in the comfort of my home while the kids were happily playing with each other after they were done with eating.

I do not know how to choose how good a durian and would usually leave it to the professionals at the durian stalls and if I am in luck, I would have met with a honest and good durian seller. With Durian delivery, to enjoy the fruit in comfort was made much easier. 

Sent to us was Red Prawn (RP) and Old Tree Hand-picked Mao Shan Wang (aka Musang King). The boxes were sealed in bags when they were delivered to my place. When I cut open the bag, just the interior of the bag smelled heavenly! Seems like we were going to have durian intoxication.

The fruit was really soft, fleshy and creamy. RP was on the sweet side if you have a taste bud for that. We tried eating OT- MSW then follow by RP, RP apparently did not tasted as sweet as we first took as OT MSW's intense aroma and taste masked over RP's. Try it! Probably, that is why some people did mentioned before leave MSW to the last to eat, savour the others first.

Red Prawn Durians

MSW was really mouth-watering with it's creamy and bitter-sweet taste! I preferred this taste to sweet flesh. But having said that, the three boxes of OT-MSW had a mixture of different bitter-sweet level. 

The seeds clearly distinguished which breed the durians were. MSW definately have much thinner seeds wrapped with thick, creamy flesh.

Not only the adults were enjoying, our juniors were enjoying the durian feast as much as us!

When I asked them for a photo, their hands immediately went straight for the durians and started eating!

These happy faces, I bet you would feel like having a box of durians right now after seeing those wide smiles on their faces.

Happy E !

The older boys, Xav and D

Vera's first taste of durians and she loved it! 

Of couse, I was all smiles, enjoying the durians with great company!

Jennifer and I also took the chance and have an advanced birthday celebration together since her birthday is less than 2 weeks away and we are both August babies. How we loved it! The cake we plated was the best among the OT-MSW, the box with more intense bitter-sweet tasting durians.

MSW Birthday Cake !! 

The purchase is quite straight forward, go to the website , it will be updated on a daily basis on the availability of the different types of durians. Choose the type you like and select your preferred delivery date and time frame on the check-out page.

A group of happy beings! Thank you again, Durian Delivery !

Delivery charges as follow:
Same day delivery: $9.70 per location
Same day express delivery (within 2 hours, add $5): $14.70
Next day delivery: $6.90
FREE delivery with orders more than $120
Watsapp: 93874394

Why go for Durian Delivery:
Fresh and good quality durians and the convenience if you are not driving like myself. The durians are picked up straight from Pahang and arrives in Singapore about 5pm daily. Hence, you can opt for the time slot from 5-8pm if you would like to have the freshest.

Durians are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep, all de-husked. You do not even need sit down with the parang and risk having the kids to go near your while trying to pry open the fruit or your hands pricked by the thorns. 

Should the option of your durian order is not available, Durian Delivery will call you up to check if you are fine having your orders replaced with an upgrade. And if you are wondering what does the AA+++ or AAA++ means, if it is only written MSW with nothing else, means the durian is from a young tree. But if you read MSW AAA++ or AA+ etc, it means that the fruit is from an old tree.

Good stuff must share because I love all of you for staying with me these while! Upon checking out, enter "Xavvylicious10" to get a 10% off any purchase !! Don't say I bo-jio ! Discount code is valid till 31st October 2018 !

Be sure to check out Durian Delivery's social media pages for their updates.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored collaboration between Durian Delivery and Xavvy-licious. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own. 
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