Saturday, June 16, 2018

Unearth the nature of wonders with Canon Singapore and D'kranji Farm Resort

D'Kranji Farm Resort , I have always wanted to visit this farm but have procrastinated as it was quite far and out of the way for us as we do not drive but that's not the main concern. Whenever I mentioned my intention of going, Don would comment that why would I want to go there and feed mozzies!

Due to the historic Trump-Kim summit, the very weekend after we touched down from Penang, my solo-parenting started as Don was pre-occupied with his duties and I think I was good to bring both kids and join Canon Singapore in their event without having him to roll his eyes at me ! (giggles) And did I tell you, I finally made it for Canon Singapore outdoor events! The previous two years, my travel dates kept clashing with the event dates. So,  here we go !

Photo credit: AM Collective

All the way to the north-west region of Singapore, the morning was great, we were all well prepared with mozzie patches sticking onto us front and back, neck to legs down and I wiped a drop or two of Young Living Purification essential oil all over our limbs and clothes as well for double protection.

We had a short briefing to update us on the latest Canon camera models available in the market before we headed out and about on a photo challenge, to decode the clue cards with the assigned cameras. I was assigned with Canon Powershot G9X. which was slim and light, easily held with one hand as my other hand was holding on to Vera.

Xav and Vera were so excited hunting for the answers to the clues around the farm, it was educational for them at the same time to learn more about plants and identify and getting their senses involved while I was busy capturing moments and making memories for them. Come make your guesses!

"You certainly can't miss my intense aromma and flavour. Besides, I am always used in Spicy Food. " - Curry leaves

"I may woke up a sweat when you bite into me and I have 7 times the vitamin C level of an Orange." - Chilli 

"The fragrance of my leaves is distinctive, I am often found in desserts and drinks."

Found it - Pandan leaves 

Amongst the many different types of herbs, plants and trees were identified by the little ones and they got pretty excited to see a chilli plant, having tiny chillies srpouting all over.

Photo credit: AM Collective 

Me and my happy farmers 
Xav and Vera were in for an unexpected surprise! Uncle showed them a big, fat and active caterpillar! The kids loved it and as usual they are much braver than me when comes to handling creepy crawlies! Watch the clips here.

Photo credit: AM Collective
We ended the tour with a koi milk bottle feeding session, a simple activity yet it brought smiles and laughter to the kids. It tickled them much when the kois were sucking food from the bottles!

We returned to the room and had our beautiful pictures printed out using the Canon printers and planned to do up a layout with the printed pictures! #PIXMAprintsbetter 

There were alot of activities and workshops that you can do at D'Kranji Farm Resort, such as In-house farm tours, terraiums workshop and I think the carnivorous workshop is really interesting! There are many others, click

Not the most convenient place in terms of accessibility but definately a place where you can retreat to, experience a farm stay at the countryside and get in touch with nature. Thank you Canon Singapore once again for having us.  

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