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Embarking on his double digit journey - Xavvy is 10 !

10 years! Xav turned 10 and this marked our 10th year on the parenthood journey, with every stage having its own challenges. I am still learning how to be a better mom and I count my blessing that Xav has been easy in certain ways and independant.

He had hardly asked for a birthday party and the last we held one for him and his friends was 3 years ago. This year, he requested for a laser tag party, thinking of having some fun with his school mates and close childhood friends. It was a less than 2 weeks notice and luckily we found a venue and I ordered his cake like 4 days before the celebration.

So there we went, we managed to secure a combo party package at HomeTeamNS @Tampines with a 45 mins at Laser Quest and a 45 mins at Clip 'n' Climb.

We presented the People's Association Card and paid $850 for the above package for 15 pax and left the decision of who to invite entirely to Xav. He was tasked to decide who to invite but I did pre-empt him that not all his friends would be able to turn up given the short notice.

As for food, we chose not to take up their catering mainly because we did not try before hence, we were unsure if it tastes good. But if we were to cater our own catering, we have to pay a surcharge of $100. But if we cater fastfood or packet food, there will not be any surcharge. We decided to order some Pizza and side dishes for the kids (yes it was a hit and all was well received by the kids) while the adults (not all as some friends dropped off and returned at the end of the party) who were present were catered to a really huge portion of Qiji's Nasi Lemak Set 4 . Since there was an outlet right at Tampines Hub itself, we packed up and went to grab cartons of packet drinks from NTUC. Straight forward enough to settle everything on the day itself.

That day, we were thankful for friends who could make it to share our joy in celebrating Xav's birthday, your presence had made his day! The kids had a blast and all gave wonderful feedback that the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

So for those of you who may be thinking so can young kids played in the laser quest ? Yes, there were 2 preschoolers and one of the parents had to tag along, carrying that 5 kg vest on them while the kids held onto the gun. The girls did feedback that the vest was a bit heavy for them especially after having to run around wearing it.

The Troop !

Clicp 'n' Climb, I did not go into the area as Vera refused to join in. I saw that there were different walls, catering different challenges. This is not only for the kids but adults too ! I find Clip 'n' Climb more intersting than Climb Central  based on the photos sent by my friends. 

Click 'n' Climb

No pretty banner, no instagrammable table setting, last minute cake which was ordered 4 days before the celebration but most importantly, at the end of the day, I had a happy boy and a group of happy young guests.

For Xav's cake,  I told Xav that no baker will be available take in my order but I will try my luck with Polar Puffs and cakes. Now, if you are in a similar situation and could go easy with the design just because your child is easily contented and all happy to have his/her preferred design printed out on an icing sheet, go to Polar with a print-out of your preferred design. Xav got me to print out the design he wanted and he was all happy with the cake. Again, count my blessing that Xav was easily contented with what was given to him. 

[To Xavier]
Once again, my dear boy, you are 10! You are still the happy-go-lucky boy and easily tickled. When they said only girls would be that sweet to give hugs and kisses but you, without fail every night after you return from your training and late dinner, will come into the room and give me your goodnight hug and kiss. I secretly hope that you will continue with this affection even after you are all grown up, just like how your daddy is still giving hugs and kisses on your grandmother's forehead each time he sees her.

You have embarked on a new journey in sports (Read this) and I hope you have new goals to work towards to. The journey is not going to be easy but I hope you will not give up easily. In whatever ways we can, we will try to give you all our support.

You are always diligent and I hope you continue to have the humility to learn and gain new knowledge and remain humble with your academic or sports achievements. I wish that you have more self discipline, initiative and be less distractive when it comes to revision on your own without having me to remind and nag at you. This is my ultimate goal, that you be independant and be responsible for your own grades. We do not expect 100% from you but what we want to see is the best effort put in.

You have a generous and forgiving heart as always and I promise to be a better mom to you, have more patience and lesser scoldings towards you. During moments when you drove me up the wall, I flared up, melted down, really harsh and mean words came out from me, I thank you for plucking up the courage and approached me after I cooled down, trying to make things right again. Let us work together for a better change and improve to be better individuals.

You probably knew that my expectation of you in terms of setting a role model for your little sister is high and I have always requested to you to give in to her despite knowing that it is really unfair. But trust me, when Vera is able to understand better, I will make sure she will be taught to give in to you as well.

My tolerance level towards nonsensical stuff is literally zero, like you said of me that I have no sense of humour. But still, at times you tried really hard to put a smile on my face. I totally appreciate that deep down in my heart though I do not usually show it on my face.

I thank you for being understanding that I am not around on your birthday. The Bangkok Trip made me returned more recharged to handle the on coming challenges (your SA). Keep your thirst for knowledge going and I wish you oceans of joy, laughter, diligence and good health.

Continue to strive hard towards what you aimed for, keep your heart of gold and be a blessing to all around you always. Love you forever, my boy!

Xav is 10 !

Missing the days when you were younger but definately feeling proud of your every single step towards independance and your new milestones achieved thus far.

Xav @ 1 year old 

Yiyi knew that you were crazy over Thomas the Train and made you this fondant cake so that you could run your favourite trains on it.

Home celebration with your childhood friends for your terrific 3 ! 

Xav @ 3 years old
When you were madly in love with The Amazing Toy Box. We got them in to celebrate your Fantastic 4 and went groovy over their catchy songs and story telling. 

Xav @ 4 years old

When Angry Birds craze was going strong, you were so happy with just my homebaked cuppies with the Angry Birds fondant sheet. 

Xav @ 5 years old

For your 7th birthday, you requested for laser tag party on the year you started official school. 

Xav @7 years old
Xav @ 8 years old 

Photo for 6th and 9th birthday is hiding somewhere...... Once again, Happy 10th Birthday, Xav !!

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