Sunday, March 11, 2018

[Review] Belik Portable Wireless Eye Massager

Our eyes are constantly strained with the daily, prolonged exposure to laptop and tablets' glare and radiation emitted from our mobile phones. No doubts, my eyes are dead tired by the end of the day but I do fight sleep for I am most unwilling to go to bed early with that never ending 101 to-do list on hand.

I felt the need to have some quiet time to surf the net, read some articles and allow my thumb to do some endless scrolling just to catch up on the social media pages to catch up with updates by friends. For me, that is partly how I keep myself updated and connected to friends whom I hardly meet up with. 

Thus, my strained and panda-fied eyes were caused by the late nights plus daily exposure to the mobile phone (Rank #1) and laptop. I will usually surf in the dark while waiting for Vera to fall asleep or sometimes, I will surf until I fall asleep. I know it is a bad habit even though I have dim the screen backlight to the minimal. I am guilty of this bad habit and yes, I am trying to rid this habit and start using Belik Portable Wireless Eye Massager, to relieve the strained eyes and try restoring brighter, less tired-looking eyes through massaging which promotes better blood circulation.

Belik Portable Wireless Eye Massager operates in 5 different modes, mainly Automatic mode, Clear mode, Dynamic Mode, Sleep mode and Beauty Mode. Each mode has a different air pressure. 

This is my first time using an eye massager, what wowed me was the intelligent wireless technology is operated via touch keys (which can be pretty sensitive at times) However, Belik has yet to come up with a set that plays the international language, English, for the voice warning tone. Still, I am won over by the following:

#1 Design of the eye massager - the massager could be folded into "half" and a travel drawstring bag comes along with it, made it easy for the massager to be brought around. The foldable design makes it less bulky to bring out.

#2 Integrated music player - with this,  I do not need another gadget to play music. I simply just need to convert my favourite songs into mp3 and save them into the microchip via the usb port. Play and enjoy the songs while I pamper my eyes with the gentle massage. It is soft enough not to disturb the one next to you but loud enough for you to hear. I have just uploaded a clip on my instagram on Xavvylicious.

#3 Safety cut off - Once the usb cable is plugged in to charge the massager or to transfer the mp3 into the microchip , it will immediately stop working as the charging takes place.

#4 Air Pressure - I love the different air pressure, especially the part where it squeezes on the temples, it is definately handy to deal with headaches. Better than using my own thumd to massage. 

#5 Heating function - Eye tune adopts leading-edge high-technology infrared heat producer which helps to activate the cells around our eyes and stimulates cell molecules through vibration. The warm sensation was really comfy and soothing over the eyes while the the air pressure works on my temples.

For the drama chaser 

For the one who refused to sleep early. 
For the bookworm 
Overall, the vibrations may be a little loud but it is still nice to own one. I would just have to say you have to experience it for yourself and this is a pretty good gift to get if you are running out of ideas what to gift to your loved ones and friends. Each unit is retailing at S$150, for more information, you can visit: 

Facebook Page: Fablife Style Always Aspire

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored product review, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.


gozens said...
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gozens said...

Yeah, This is a beneficial eye protective product. I like it, it works as a stress buster. I feel more fresh and cool after using this Eye Massager .

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