Thursday, March 22, 2018

APS 12th Junior Squad Meet 2018

It has been 5 years plus from when we signed him up to take on swimming, looking back on his trial in Nov 2012. The thoughts of Xav being in the competitive team was never on our mind as our initial intention to enrol him to learn swimming was to help him outgrew his quarterly wheezing when he was a preschooler. Indeed it helped, he no longer needs to go back to the ENT specialist for review, weaned off singulair (he had to take a pill daily and he took for 3 long years) and he has outgrew his childhood asthma with changes made to his lifestyle, diet and oiling by the age of 6.

He took part in APS Swim School Novice Swim Meet 2013 for the fun of it and progressed up to Stage 8 (Endurance) over the years. In the midst of Stage 8, he was given the opportunity to attend cross-training to see if he could make it into joining the competitive team. He did not make it eventually but he did continue to swim and train.

After a period of 9 months, he was then again given an opportunity to join the competitive team based on his good attitude as recommended by his former coach. I told him to grab hold of every opportunity that comes knocking on his door and go ahead and give it a try if he is keen.

11th April 2017, he joined BlueSky Team officially. Since then, the pool became his third home. Every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday evenings, at times on Sundays, he will be at the pool for his training. So far, I have not sign him up for any competition or national time trial yet as I feel that he still got to train harder, it is still a long way for him.

This year, we encouraged Xav to give a go for butterfly and backstroke event for the junior squad meet. These two are his weaker strokes as compared to Freestyle and Breast Stroke. He dreaded Butterfly stroke especially as I recalled him struggling halfway during last year's meet.

Initially, when he got to know we submitted the registeration for Butterfly stroke as well, he went "huh, I'm really bad at it...... " But we were glad to know that he was willing to challenge himself this year. We told him, it does not matter if he is weak, he just need to give his best at it. No matter what, finish the race and I think he did much better as compared to last year. 

Boys 9-10, 50 LC Butterfly, timing 01:16:28 (Third lane from the last )  

Boys 9-10, 50 LC Meter Freestyle, timing 00:48:23 (Second lane from last lane) 

Boys 9-10, 50 LC Meter Breast Stroke, timing 00:58:34 ( Third lane from the last) . 

Boys 9-10, 50 LC Meter Backstroke, timing 00:58:04 ( Second lane from the last) 

Well done, my boy ! We see that you took on the challenge and outdone yourself. Always remember not give up. It is alright not to be the fastest but keep on working towards breaking your own personal best, that will always be the goal for you. We know that it is not easy and it can be tiring (late dinner and lights out timing is delayed by an hour and you have to wake early for school the next day) but you are coping well! We did not hear you lament about the tedious training, keep it up and enjoy your swimming journey! Daddy, Mummy and meimei will give you our fullest support!

Tracking his swimming journey:
1. APS Novice Swim Meet 2013 
2. APS 11th Junior Squad Meet 2017 

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