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"Above and Beyond" - The Ultimate Interactive Exhibition @ Science Centre Singapore

We kicked start our holiday programme at Science Centre Singapore and decided to take to the skies first at "Above and Beyond" - The Ultimate Interactive Exhibition brought to you by aerospace leader - Boeing. If your little ones do have a keen interest in aviation, bring them here!

Ready to take off ! Hope on with me for a mini tour !

Full Throttle is one of the activities which allows one to apply the aerodynamics principles to design and test their very own virtual flight in space! Probably too profound for the young ones to comprehend but with just a few tap on the touch-screen, Xav designed and built his own supersonice fighter get and went on full throttle in a virtual high-speed competition against other virtual crafts.

Play around with the different specification and see observe how it can make a difference in the performance of the jet fighter. This is a win for all, the kids especially!

Space debris and their potential hazards to other functional space crafts and through games, the kids get to help to clean up the space junk.

It is never too young to introduce though Vera may not understand the history of flights, she was tapping onto the screen with curiosity, looking at every single image that appeared.

If you have dreamt and wished of travelling to the earth's orbit. Here's a chance to step into the Space Elevator of the future! Be pampered with those breathtaking digital display coupled with a virtual tour guide to make it an engaging tour.

Xav and Vera, both "transformed" themselves into virtual birds. Go on, flap your wings, sore and explore the forces of flight!

This is how they soared.

What's for this March holidays? We almost spent a day @sciencecentresg With so many exhibits to explore and play around with! Bringing you to Above and Beyond for our first stop. . My budding pilot designed and flew his own supersonic fighter jet and go on full throttle in a virtual high-speed competition! Play around with the different specifications and see how they make a difference! . Xav and Vera transformed themselves into virtual birds! This is a sure hit with the kids with the motion sensing technology. Go on flap your wings, soar and explore the forces of flight! . And the kids could be the space heroes! Help clear up the space debris and if you have also dream about travelling to the earth's orbit. Here's your chance to step into the #SpaceElevator of the future! With breathtaking digital display coupled with a virtual tour guide, the tour was made engaging for all of us. There is something for everyone, even Vera was happily tapping on the touch screens to look at the images of the flights from the past to now. . If you have not visited "Above and Beyond", The Ultimate Interactive Flight Exhibition currently running till 8th April 2018 in Hall C. Admission to Above and Beyond is free (Admission to Science Centre Sg applies) . #Aviation #Boeing #AboveandBeyond #Aerodynamics #Exhibition #Singapore #ScienceCentreSg #Science #Space #Spacecraft #Planes #Nasa #Flight #Technology #ExploreSingapore #Asia #ExploreSg #Kidsfriendly #Kidstagram #Sgkids #FamilyFriendly #Funforkids #Education #Marchholiday #TermBreak #Schoolsout #Sporemombloggers #Sgmom #Sgparentblogger #mediainvite
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The Ultimate Interactive Flight Exhibition "Above and Beyond" is currently running till 8th April 2018 in Science Centre Singapore, Hall C. Cost is free (Admission to Science Centre Singapore applies) 

Professor Crackitts Light Fantastic is another highlight! We spent a good 20-30 mins in the mirror maze. It was pretty fun to try to figure out which is a mirror and which is not and to search for that exit which looks all the same.

How timely it was for me to introduce more to Xav on the effect of concave and convex lens and how the reflection and effect looks like. For a concave surface to function like a mirror, unlike the flat mirror, the objects were inverted when reflected. As we moved our hand in, the reflected image seems to grow and made it looked like as if we had another hand to shake. Pretty interesting!

The mirror maze, do not be like Vera who got so excited to count how many Vera(s) there were around her, ran straight into one of the mirrors and ended with a loud bang. Thankfully, it was just a reddened forehead which went off after a while and the mirror did not crack.

We had a great time trying to locate the images reflcted around us as well as locating the real exit,  what we saw may not be the exit we were looking for. Please do remember to get one from the staff if you are going into the maze, it is supposed to be used for tapping around to determine if there is a mirror right in front or beside you, to assist in finding your way out without banging into the mirrrors. 

Shadow does not only come in black!  Find out how many more other colours you can create with the Dynamic Chromatological Shadow Splitter !

Dynamic Chromatologic Shadow splitter

Next, we went to Phobia2: The Science of Fear. If your child is uncomfortable with dark places, then you may wish to skip this. I think this is more suitable for older kids and adults. However, I was not comfortable plus with Vera who was not a fan of dark places when we reached the last section. I wished Don was with us and he could lead Xav in. We ended up skipping the last section for lunch.

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Dialogue with Time - Embracing Aging

A different zone from the rest of the exhibits, where Senior guides (retirees) were the ones personally facilitating the dialogues. I feel that this zone was unique, through the different stimulation, youngsters can experience and have an idea through experiencing the various section and learn to be more emphathtic towards the elderly in terms of their hearing loss, shaky hands, blurred vision and poor

Suitable for all age to visit but probably kids 10 and above may engaged better during the discussion. Xav could follow through quite well and I loved how real they stimulated the real-life losses faced by the elderly as they aged.

Having a feel of why elderly folks tend to walk slower with some weights added onto his feet. 

@ScienceCentreSg #DialogueWithTime A zone which is unique on its own, facilitated by Senior Guides who are retirees, bringing us through short discussion on how we perceive aging. Probably older kids like Xav age will be more suitable for discussion and to voice his views. Personally, I think this zone is really well done to allow all ages to learn and know what comes along with aging, the youngs and youngsters to learn to be more empathetic towards the elderly. Shaky hands, heavy legs, blurred vision, poor hearing comes along as we aged, we got a feel of it through the exhibits. When asked how would we like life to be when we retire, Xav said he will love to be surrounded and soak in the company of his family members and added that to him, Family is important and always the best to him. While I chose to travel and see the world with my other half since half of my lifetime is committed to looking after the both of them and hardly have couple time with my old man. By retirement age, I wish to have more time with him πŸ˜„ #ScienceCentreSg #Science #Education #Singapore #Exhibition #EmbraceAging #Aging #VisitSingapore #ExploreSg #Sgkids #Kidstagram #Shakyhands #AgingLoss #Sg
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What happy aging means to us? I chose the picture below. I hope I could tour the world with the company of my other half when I retire since half of my lifetime would probably be committed to looking after the duo.

Xav chose to be surrounded by family when he retires as he shared that he would like to have his family with them everyday. Do set aside more time for this zone.

The Mind's eye, one of the kids' favourite as their senses get challenged and teased with the illusions from the different ways of looking at it. We gave this a miss as we had previously covered during our last trip.

With tonnes of activities to explore and play around with, be warned, you may need to plan a full day out at Science Centre Singapore to have all the fun with the family!

Science Centre Singapore 
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081
Tel: 64252500

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