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[ Review + Giveaway ] FABLife Style - Venna Rice Spa

How would you think the under eyebags of a lazy person like me looks like ? My skincare maintenance is really minimal and worse, most of the time, I would just leave the house to pick Xav during the mid-noon when the scorching sun is right above me, without applying any sunblock. The delicate under eye area, sun damage will show up the fastest at this area.

Otherwise, it will be after cleansing my face before bed, I will just happily switch off the lights without even applying any eye gel under my eyes. Imagine the daily nights in the air-conditioned room which can be drying for our skin ? I am not diligent in my skincare routine and I ended up having a "drug addict" and dry looking eyes these years. 

In 2018, I told myself that I am already in my mid 30s and if I do not start taking care of my skin and more importantly of course my face, I think I will look much older than my actual age. My under eyebags looked really terrible (dry and with lines) due to the following factors that contributed to it:
- late nights which caused insufficent sleep.
- Allergies which triggers histamines in the body, causing blood vessels to dilate. The under eye area is delicate and thin. Hence, the swollen blood vessels will just appear darker than the rest of the face.
- insuffucient daily water intake and poor skincare routine.

Beginning this year, I started to apply cc cream with SPF protection when I am out so that the delicate area will not be further "darkened" from the exposure to the sun. Even Don noticed my no makeup, makeup face.

If you agree that it is really hard to find a good product, at pocket friendly price, works great for all skin type and best of all, contains natural ingredients to exfoliate, moisturize and heal your skin. Let me introduce you to FablifestyleVenna Rice SPA ! This can be used as a 3-in-1 routine, a facial mask, facial wash and facial scrub all in just one sachet.  I think this is perfect for lazy people like me!

This bottle contains 7 sachets. For a start, I used very closely on alternate days for faster and better result.

All I need to do is, pour and mix the powder sachet, apply on my face and wash off thereafter! When I emptied the sachet, it smelled wonderfully great of tea tree as it has tea tree essential oil content in it. Most of you would have know that tea tree has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and is especially effective to deal with acne. 

I mixed one sachet with 12 ml of water into a thick consistency. Note: try not to mix too much water until it becomes too watery to be applied on the face. 

This is my dark, dull, tired looking face with dark eye bag with fine lines underneath as well as a patch of pigmentation / freckles or whatever you can call it.  

The best part of Venna Rice Spa was, the  mixture can be even applied on the eyebags! Most of the mask I tried before will have indication not to apply over the eye area but not for this! The peppermint essential oil content in it was cooling on the face when applied, in a way, it was pretty shiok to have it on on a warm day. For more problematic areas, I applied a thicker coat on it.

Leave it on for 15-20 mins. Unlike paper mask which usually requires one to stay still if possible, after applying the mask, I can still walk around or sit down in front of the laptop to complete my outstanding tasks.

 I started to wash off after I felt the mask started to harden, it will usually feel dry when touched. Simply just wet your face and start to wash off. During the wash, I did give a gentle scrubbing motion to exfoliate the dead cells. In just one sachet, I felt my face cleaner, more supple, smooth and moisturized. The lines under my eye were not gone completely definately but the lines did lightened! The photo below is taken after the 6th sachet. I saw the following:
- a lighter complexion
- a more even skin tone
- reduced fine lines under the eyebags
- dark eye ring was lightened

After the 6th sachet

Thank you, Fablife Style! I saw and was satisfied with the results! At just SGD $36 per bottle of 7 sachets in exchange for a better looking skin, why not! For your infomation, there is a discount if you do have a membership, to enquire about it, you can drop FabLife Style a message.

I bought more to pamper myself and get ready for the coming Chinese New Year with brighter eyes and better looking face!

A brighter looking skin tone. 

If you are wondering, what are the ingredients: It contains rice enzyme powder, oatmeal extract, multigrain, aloe vera, tomato extract, seaweed extract, tea tree oil, peppermints essential oil, polyphenols, enzyme and it aims to help in the following: 
- natural skin whitening (chemical free) 
- bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitive
- regenerate and reduce dead/damaged skin cells
- diminishing of fine lines and reduce wrinkles
- eliminate fatigue and restore vitality
- help skin in retaining moisture and glow
- effective in curing acne
- replenish nutrients needed by skin
- anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant
- boost cell regeneration
- suitable for all skin type

Always a supporter for products free from talc, coloring, artificial fragrance, mineral oil as well as no raw animal materials is used!

Now, ready for a GIVEAWAY ! Fablife Style has sponsored 3 bottles for three lucky winners! Simply follow the Rafflecopter.

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