Thursday, December 21, 2017

[Media Invite + Discount Code] LED Christmas card making workshop + Year End Holiday Programme

Just yesterday, we went for 2 hour LED Christmas Card Making Workshop at Just Fly It and Xav went home with his very own hand-made LED Christmas card !

Applying STEAM concepts, he built his own circuit with real Chibitronics LED,

batteries and conducting tape. Xav said that he wanted to design his own Christmas card and not wanting to use the given printed copy.

With Joyce, going through how the circuit should work and how to plan his circuit.

Taping his circuit

Call me a suaku but I am so amazed by this copper tape. 

All ready ! His Pokemon themed Christmas Card with a lited Pokeball! 

All ready ! His Pokemon themed Christmas Card with a lited Pokeball! Simple as it seemed to be but this simple circuit got him thinking. He questioned and experimented by himself, what if there is a piece of paper in between the copper tape and battery, will the current be cut off ? He tried it, seen it and affirmed that the current would be "interrupted".  How about having more than one LED lit on the card, is it  doable ? I love to see how he asked and self-explained. Learning Science should be in such a way, isn't it ?  The benefits of self-explaination can help children grasp the underlying concepts better. 

Just Fly It has an extensive range of hands-on workshops cover four main areas: aerospace, electronics, programming and 3D printing. Parents and children alike can immerse in DIY fun while applying STEAM concepts through workshops like the LED Christmas Card Making Workshop or the Parent-Child Drone Workshop! There is a special promotion for this School Holiday, make use of it before the new school term opens  ! Quote "YE17FOLLOWER" to enjoy extended early bird rates !  These are the various programmes but they are left with a chuck glider workshop for Dec. You can try checking if they are going to open up new classes for those you are keen in. 

You can register by calling Joyce at 9675 6325 or email 

You can also follow them on Facebook | Instagram for updates. 

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