Wednesday, December 13, 2017

[ Media Invite] Canon Xmas Party

What could be a better way apart from using ply cards to identify your seating? I was told "Go look for your photos and that's your seat!" I felt that it was something really different, with a personal touch. I spotted a photo of our recent trip to Miffy Cafe, printed and placed on a mini christmas tree and that's where we were seated. 

In another room, we were welcomed with a photo wall display made up of fairy lights and photo prints of the attending guests.

These prints were printed using Canon Pixma printer. I love the square prints, perfect to print out photos from instagram too as most of the format were in squares.

There were some new products ( including cameras like m100) being showcased

and what caught my eye was this palm sized gadget. My mind was totally blown with Canon's palm size, mini projector, Canon Rayo S1. It's so sleek and compact! I was imagining going for my presentation without having to lug my laptop ! Just slip this into my pouch and am good to go ! 

All you need to do is, just plug in your USB to run your presentation or mirror it from your phone if you are watching youtube. I will definitely prefer this than the kids fighting over who to hold the phone when watching the clips on YouTube.  There is an inbuilt speaker and browser as well! Technology rocks, isn't! I am putting this on my wishlist!

Model: @Theperfectfather

This is the specification of it: 
- Screen size: max 85" (28" at 1m) 
- Brightness: 100 Ansi Lumens
- Resolution: 854 x 480 
- Project video through embedded memory / USB memory stick. 
- Built in battery (up to 2 hours) 

There is a current promotion going on. Purchase the mini projector by 25 February 2018 and receive a $30 NTUC voucher.

Had an intimate bonding time with Xav decorating our mini Xmas tree with not just ornaments but our favourite photos as well, as decorative prints using Canon Pixma printers.

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