Friday, September 15, 2017

[Giveaway + Discount Code by Floral Garage Singapore] - My birthday month of August

August have been great and yes, it's my birthday month ! I know August has passed, anyway better be late than never, I would very much love to document down the summary of this special month as I turned 35, half the journey, inching slowly towards the big 4.

Earlier of the month, I went on a solo trip to Spokane (To be blogged later) with blessings from my ever supportive hubby. I had a good 10 days break away from the kids and it was really a good recharge for me.

And whilst I was still away in Spokane, we were caught by surprised that Channel 8 News (Digital) would love to feature LeBox Sg in the National Day Special Reports. We were jumping in excitement and was really thankful for this opportunity !

Another first in my life, I actually went to star chasing with one of my crafting friend, just to see Song Joong Ki who came to promote his new movie, The Battleship Island. So much so for experience, we told each other once is enough and never again *Laughs*

And finally, after 5 years, I get to be involved again. I went on a learning Journey with Vera as a Parent volunteer for her class. These moments are precious. And I was glad that I was involved with not only Vera but with Xav as well. His form teacher told me, he had observed Xav to be quite happy with me volunteering to go on the learning journey with the school.

| 11th August 2017: 4y 12d| Field trips involving parents totally stopped when Xav was promoted to K1 as parents were no longer allowed to go with them. After 5 years, am so happy to be able to join again, this time with Vera. When the school asked for parents volunteers, I readily jumped on it! Today, we went #bollywoodveggies supposingly for a farm tour but no thanks to the heavy downpour, they ended up with a mini show and tell plus making their rainbow #fruit 🥗 and this sweetie pie here had a sudden change of mind on the way back and wanted only her Mummy to sit next to her, nobody else was allowed and fell asleep on my arms shortly after. #zzz #lovethemoment #happymoments #Cherishthemoment #mindchampspreschool #mindchampsSg #LearningJourney #Veggie #Farm #instamoment #instafriday #FridayFriyay #Momsofinstagram #Momslife #sahm #sporemombloggers #sgparent #sgmom #sgkids #instakids #kidstagram #preschooler #preschooleducation #sg
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Yet another first in my life, my first half marathon relay with another 7 Mom bloggers. I have not been really running for the past decade, the runs I participated in were usually kids' run where most of the time I was walking instead of running (not even jogging). this Mizuno Ekiden 2017, gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that I can do it way better than the targetted time I set for myself. I think the timing was even better than my school days when I did cross country run of a similar distance. In this case, it was all about mind over body, determination and perseverance.

| 19th August 2017 | Thank you @mizunoekidensg for the invitation to run. This is my first real run for 2017, this may not be the best timing in the eyes of seasoned runners out there but I set my own target ( to complete within an hour) and I met my target of completing 5.2km in 33 mins. #pushinglimits #NeverGiveUp I guess it's not too bad as my last run was probably in 2005 or 2006 for my IPPT and I have never continued running ever since I embarked on Motherhood journey, not to mentioned an almost non-stop 5km. . I joined because of a group of like-minded friends. It was great #teamwork to complete the half marathon regardless of what the timing clocked as timing was secondary. Thank you Team #RacyMamas and #RunawayMamas It was great fun and definately motivating for me to run more after this. #MizunoEkidenSg #MizunoEkiden2017 #MizunoAsia #SgRun #Run #Sgevents #RunningMoms #Runstagram #instarun #Fitness #Healthy #Lifestyle #Sporemombloggers #Sgmoms #Momsofinstagram #Sgmoms #Sahm #Momslife #Saturday #instamoments #Instagram_sg #Igsg #Sgig #Sg #Singapore #ExploreSg
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We made time out for a brunch and catch up, with another August baby, Jenn (Mylilbookworm), thank you for your friendship and Happy birthday to US  !

With the usual gang, out of the 5, 3 are August babies too !

From the left: Xavier, Meiling, Edlyn, Cynthia, Christy, Me and Vera

Back to my birthday, it was really just another day with routines to be carried out. That day was made sweeter with Don taking leave on the day before and on my actual day just to spend some time with me. I was feeling grateful that I could sleep in and woke an hour later than my usual timing as he took over the preparation of breakfast and getting Xav ready for school. That extra hour of sleep meant so much to me ! I guess most moms can relate to this.

On the same day after lunch, I had a task on hand to hunt for some materials as LeBox Sg was really honoured to be commissioned to do up educational party favours for a special someone turning 4. The lead time was really short and but we took up this challenge. The end result was satisfying on our side and yes, we had a happy client. To be able to know that the child loves the activities we made was a huge booster and a big encouragement for us to do better next time.

And I returned home receiving a special delivery from Floral Garage Sg which made my day even sweeter. They had specially sent a Freestyle Bouquet, thank you so much ! Freestyle Bouquet is a customization bouquet. You can simply inform the staff what occasion you are gifting for, they will prepare a bouquet that they think is best suited for your request.

About a year ago, I have done a DIY Terrarium review for Floral Garage Singapore. The current 2 year old Floral and Gift company offers beautiful hand bouquets, flower arrangements in form of baskets, vase or box and get them delivered to the special someone to bring some joy to their day or on any special occasion ! You can now send your love and at the same time, have some savings.
Simply enter the discount code : Xavvy10 upon check out to get a 10% off . This code is valid for 6 months from the date of this post.

Floral Garage Singapore would love to send some love to you too! It does not need any special occasion to send flowers to a friend or special one  to brighten up their day! To win a bouquet, simply follow the steps in Rafflecopter.

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Disclaimer: Floral Garage Sg sent a bouquet to make my day sweeter. There is no monetary compensation involved and all opinions are of my own.


Anonymous said...

I'm already your facebook fan, shared post.

I would like to surprise my love one because Sep is her birthday month. Thank you.


adeline tan said...

I would love to give the bouquet of flowers to my mum as Sep is her birthday month.

BEAN30 said...

I would like to send the Freestyle Bouquet to my wife whose birthday is coming soon.

Unknown said...

I would like to send the lovely bouquet to my mum who deserves everything beautiful. She is selfless and takes care of us even when we are all grown. Hope to win. Thank u!

Carol Mei Mei said...

Would love to send this bouquet to my mum just because. Usually she won't allow us to buy her flowers because she thinks it is not practical. But I am sure she won't reject a prize. ;)

Robert Sim said...

Hope to gift this to my wife as early 9th wedding anniversary present. Thanks!

Robert Sim said...

Hope to gift this to my wife as early 9th wedding anniversary present. Thanks!


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