Friday, July 14, 2017

DreamWorks Run 2017

[Blogged] This is a second run for Vera since the last Garfield Run years back! I did not want her to miss out any runs with us if possible, hence, I bought her and Don a ticket to join us in DreamWorks Run 2017.

She was all ready with a Panda Headband to "dress up" as Po (Kungfu Panda) and left early for the event site but the road was really congested. It took us quite a while to reach the drop-off point.

By the time we reached, queues were already forming at most of the activities and we decided to use our carnival coupons to indulge in some treats instead.

We were trying so hard to spot the mascots but we saw none ! But both Xav and Vera were contented with just taking with the standee with their kicks !

| 24 June 2017 | Not as if the kids are going to be bothered about how poorly organised the event was but they were great to complete the 5km with no complaints of being hot or tired when they got to run with friends. And no carnival will be complete without balloons, this particular #balloonist impressed me with his on the spot dragon creation for the little gal queuing infront of us, coupled with a little humour as he twisted the balloons. He does not have instagram though but you may be keen to check out his album on his personal fb page, search for Steve Xie - Uncle Bobby (I actually asked him for it). #DreamworksDay #DreamworksRun #Family #sgfamily #FunRun #Run #Runningkids #kidstagram #Sgkids #Sporemombloggers #Sgparentblogger #Sgblogger #Sgmom #Throwback #Sgevent #Mediainvite #Sgig #Igsg #sg
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The run was made more enjoyable under the company of friends! No matter how hot or tiring, we did not hear anyone complained.

Vera gave herself a really short distance run before she asked to sit into the pram.

I did not run this time but had a nice 5km walkathon with MummyEd and Din0mama. To be honest, this event could have been better. There were cyclists on the running path at a certain point and the water point could have been better managed. As for our boys, they were enjoying themselves and were running much ahead of us.

The captivating city skyline welcomed us when we were near to the finishing point.

The best was to be able to spot another running-mum-blogger while we made our way for dinner.

From the left: Me, Angie, Jennifer and Edlyn

I think I had better start going to see my chiropractor, get my spine aligned and make myself feel light again. Till the next running event, which will be Mizuno Ekiden 2017 !

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