Monday, May 1, 2017

Quinoa Bowl with Honey Wings + Broccoli

Pull the party poppers with me please! My 21 days of solo parenting finally came to an end LOL ! Say yay to more Quinoa dishes as Don lugged back a few packs from Melbourne. So here it is !

Today, we took a break from our revision, hit the park for some cycling and as usual, dinner had to be a fast and easy due to time constraint. Good time to clear the fridge as well with the remaining CP Honey wings and half a floret of broccoli. I cooked the quinoa over the stove for about 15mins. Bring to boil and simmer in low heat, turn off the fire after 15 mins and place a lid over. Let the quinoa sit in for another 15mins to cook.

You can roast a chicken or steam a chicken and shred it if you do not want to use CP Honey Wings. The lazy me just want to heat up, stir fry the broccoli and top the quinoa with some pork floss. That's for the big kid Xav while Vera had hers without the pork floss.

Below are some quinoa dishes, I am trying to grow these recipes to document the gluten-free diet Vera is under going to keep her eczema flare well under control). Read about our Eczema Management.

You may wish to get more quinoa ideas from here:
- Baked stuffed capsicum with cheesy quinoa
- Quinoa with minced meat and vegetable

If you are looking for more flavours for Quinoa, read the review on Superlife Co. Asian Flavoured Quinoa. There is a 10%  discount code available if your order is $40 and above, enter SUPERSER17 upon checking out.

If you have quinoa recipes, do share with me too !

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