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[Reivew] Canon HD FotoJournal

Keeping memories, which is your way? These are some of the ways I believed some of us used to do. From puchasing thick, bulky albums to contain the 4R hardcopies, stashing the thousands of shots (softcopies) into a portable hard disk and forgot all about them simply because out of sight, out of mind. On top of that, if the hard disk is corrupted, bid goodbye to all the memories.

As compared to the option of keeping the photos in the hard disk, I thought it would be a better idea to scrap the photos into layouts. For my hobby sake and one of my ways to de-stress, I love scrapbooking. I would print out the photos and make them into layouts.

At least, Xav will still flip through the album and got to look at his photos. But sad to say, my scrapbooking tools and papers are now totally thrown into the cold palace due to the lack of time.

As time past by, I could no longer afford to sit down and craft the whole night away. Layouts soon got simple and more simpler than before.

Apart from scrapbooking, I have actually started to create photobooks 8 years ago. I got myself started with 2 albums for our honeymoon trip in Hokkaido and Xav's first visit to Hong Kong when he was 9 months old, with FotoHub. Personally, I prefer it to that of those bulky albums. And you know what, after 8 years, these three albums still looked the same as 8 years ago! The colours remained, nothing fades off.

Recently, I had an opportunity to review Canon HD Fotojournals . I created two sets of softcover Fotojournals measuring 10" by 10" and 8" by 12", with 20 pages each respectively using FotoIdeas

Working on the FotoJournals at the comfort of my home, all I did was:
- Visit Canon eshop to make my purchase, select the size of my preferred FotoJournal, FotoHub sent a voucher code via email and I would use that to enter when I need to submit my e-book for printing.

- Download the FotoIdeas Software. Inside the software, it contains a range of templates, layouts, frames, fonts and etc. Go play around with it ! I am not a very tech-savvy person but this software is pretty user friendly ! I just had to import the photos which I have selected into the folder.

I did not download any other fonts of my own, partly it was because I was feeling so lazy but hey, the fonts in FotoIdeas Software were good enough for me!

Font selection

- I was spoilt for choice to choose from the many layout options. After selecting my preferred layout, I simply just need to drag and drop the image into the black box. The software allowed users to do image enhancement too.

Layout selection

If you would love to, frames can be added to make the photos stand-out from the background.

colour frames selection

- Spot those "caution sign" at the right corner of a photo, it actually prompted me to take note on the low resolution of the photos.

On the other hand, the software will prompt me again with regard to the low-resolution photo when I re-log in to continue with my project. A little reminder here to SAVE your project as you go along the way. I had to redo the album all over again when I wanted to save the project which was almost completed. I hit "save" and it was unfortunate that the software had to die on me.

Re-do and submit for order, I received an email with a link to the PDF for a preview and check if all the pictures were in place and should I decide to change my mind to make any changes at the eleventh hour, I just have to click on "Disapprove"

Within 5 working days from the day I submitted the project, I received a SMS notification on my mobile that my albums were ready for collection.

The end product was AWESOME! I created the 10 by 10" Fotojournal with pictures from Pulau Ketam while the 8" by 12" Fotojournal was used to keep memories of our US Road Trip.

Canon HD FotoJournal - 10" by 10" and 8" by 12"

The cover page did not look a bit like a softcover at all ! The cover is thick enough for Vera to handle and flip through, without having the fear that she may crumple the FotoJournal.

Some of my favourite prints from the two albums. I love how I can stretch one picture across to make the front and back cover.

Pulau Ketam 

 By the sunset

If you do remember, I did mentioned about of low-resolution pictures prompted by the software earlier? The pages turned out great and colours were vibrant ! True to that of what I saw on the screen during editing.

Young Living Mona Farm, Utah

Mona Farm, Utah

San Francisco Day 3

Grand Canyon, West Rim

Alcatraz Island
Prices are steeper as compared to the ones I made previously but you are paying for quality. More to come as I can work on it at the comfort of my home instead of rushing out the entire project if I were to do it outside! I am planning to work on my Taiwan and Khao Yai trip soon ! Thank you again Canon Singapore !

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, for review purpose only. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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