Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Newly added All Day Breakfast Menu

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It was great to have sweat it out after having this flu symptoms in me for a few days. I met up with Mama Jenn from Mylilbookworm for a jog around the vicinity of Promenade before we head for our brunch at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Suntec City.

I did not even realise there are two stores within Suntec City itself and we eventually found the other outlet at Basement 1 at the fountain of wealth vicinity.

CBTL @ Suntec City #B1-132

Now patrons can find these new addition on the All Day Breakfast Menu (Halal Certified) ! We ordered these dishes that were new on the menu and shared among ourselves. I kid you not, we were filled to the brim. Let me bring you through the new dishes, beverages and dessert.

Served with a generous amount of dried cranberries and roasted almond flakes. The dressing is just nice over the fresh and crisp leaves, it will make you wanting to go for more. Oh, the chicken slices are not dry and pretty nice to chew on. Should you decide to go for a filling yet light meal, go for this healthy choice, Smoked Chicken Salad.

To be frank, I hardly take greens but I do make Xav and Vera takes them. But I am loving this ! It was quite appetizing.

Smoked Chicken Salad - $11.90

If you want a heartier meal, go for the pastas! I ordered Creamy Seafood Fusilli, it was a tad disappointing. I placed the order and opted for Fusilli but sphagetti was served instead.

The prawns and scallops were juicy and the dish was served with sprinkled parmesan cheese.  The mustard cream sauce was creamy and heavy but the taste was bland. The  cheese toppings could have been more generous. We have to ask for extra cheese and chilli flakes to spice it up. I do understand that different chef produces a different taste somehow but I hope they can improve on this dish.

Creamy Seafood Sphagetti - $14.90

Jenn ordered Mediterranean Sandwich. It is a fact that I hated to eat egg yolks, totally not a fan of it. I will usually removed the yolks and eat just the whites, unless it is soft boiled eggs which I will drink it up together.

The yolk ! I placed the whole yolk into my mouth, sank my teeth into it. Guess what, I told Jenn on the spot, the yolk was nice and soft and it did not taste "bitter" ! I actually took the whole yolk with no complaints ! You got to try this !

Mediterranean Sandwich was served with some sauteed mushrooms, vienna bread topped with spinach, feta cheese, turkey ham, tomato slice. The vienna bread was soft and flavourful after soaking in the flavors from the eggs and hollandaise sauce. It tasted like bread pudding but a much nicer version as I always find bread pudding to taste much sweeter.

Mediterranean Sandwich - $13.90

We were sipping on the beverages as we ate. If you are a fan of chocolate, go give this a try. For a limited period, grab this before it's gone, from 2 March - 24 May 2017 only. I opted for Maxican Chocolate Ice Blended, it was rich and aromatic yet not too whelming in terms of sweetness. Opt to go without whip cream if you do not have a sweet-tooth.

If you like to have some coffee kicks, go for Mexican Chocolate Latte. I give my vote to the former.

Top: Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended
Small $7, Regular $8, Large $8
Bottom: Mexican Chocolate Latte
Small $7, Regular: $7.70, Large $8.20

We indulged our tastebuds with a slice of Mexican Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon Mascarpone Frosting.  The combination of Cinnamon dust, cheese and chocolate was just nice, it's not too sweet nor heavy. Am sure this slice is set to make a great after meal dessert ! A whole cake can be purchased at $59 SGD.
Mexican Chocolate Cake

For updates, do follow Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sg on their social media sites:
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Should you need to locate an outlet nearest to you, you may want to check out this list of stores. Any enquiries, you can email to : customercare@coffeebean.com.sg

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