Sunday, March 19, 2017

APS 11th Junior Squad Meet 2017 - ATTITUDE that matters

Currently, Xav is in Endurance - Station 8 in APS Swim School. We have been there like 3 years? Alot of friends asked me why I would not want to look for a nearer school but chose to travel all the way down town. We decided on this school because of the small number ratio of coach and students. It's 1:4 ratio attracted us. In terms of safety and the amount of attention the coach can give. I will still prefer this small, comfortable group.

Since last year, he was selected to undergo extra trainings to train up his stamina for time trial. If he could pass the time trial, he gets to join the competitive team. The journey was not easy, trainings are about clocking mileage, building up of stamina, fine tuning of strokes and endurance. By the end of the trainings, he would be so exhausted that he could just fall asleep when we were taking a train back home, all the way from ACJC back to Sengkang.

Unfortunately, after three months, he did not managed to pass the time trial. But I was glad that the school has offered prep classes to continue to train the kids. I did not want Xav to be demoralised and gave up just because he could not pass the time trial. He continued to swim intensively for 4 times a week, including his formal session on Sundays. These three months, we were actually rushing from school back to home, have a quick lunch and headed to the pool straight and thereafter rush back home again to do homework and do dinner. I barely have any time for him to do my revision. Oh well, we made the choice didn't we ? I told him, it may be tiring but he has to learn to manage it.

His first meet was in 2013! 14th March 2017:  Xav took part in APSC 11th Junior Squad Meet 2017.

We signed him up for some events to allow him to gain some exposure and confidence. We knew that he still has a long way to go to reach the stage where he should be. But like we told him, it's not about winning or losing but it's the ATTITUDE that matters. As long as he has go all out and put in all of his best effort, it's good enough. I want him to build up his resilience and endurance, be it in the trainings or in his academic journey.

He did not manage to emerge in the top 3. But from his usual timing of 1:30s, after months trainings, today, he did well ! He clocked and gave himself his new record timing:

Boys 9-10 50 LC Meter Breaststroke: 1:08.36 (Placement 5th out of 16)

Boys 9-10 50 LC Meter Freestyle: 1:04.04 (Placement 8th out of 13)

I have to tell him that it's very encouraging to see the big improvement in his timing, especially when he is weaker in free style but his timing was better than breast-stroke! A big pat on his back for biting the bullet and not giving up despite having to juggle his trainings between his school work, classes and homework. Well done, Xav !! Keep this spirit going! Mummy is sure that you will break this record of yours soon !

Congratulations to those who have made it to the top 3 and to the swimmers who were sporting enough to complete the race, a big pat on all your backs as well for the great sportsmanship and  #nevergiveup spirit. You heard us cheering and applauding for all of you? Carry on swimming and do not give up! One day, you will outdo yourself and make it there !

And APSC Swim School, I must say I love the way you encourage all your swimmers and recognise their effort! We look forward to the next meet !

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