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[Review + Giveaway] Bio Royale Post Natal Hair Loss Solution

Hair loss is now the common nightmare of the both genders. I remember I wrote a post on Hair loss and scalp care like 1.5 years ago ?

Apart from the various factors that was mentioned in the hair loss and scalp care post, do you know that the quality of water which we use to wash our hair also have certain effects on our hair ? Now, take a moment and think back if you have experience this. Whenever I travel, I will never fail to bring my own shampoo and conditioner. However, in certain countries, my hair felt different despite the fact that I am using my usual shampoo and conditioner to wash it. Yes, it's the quality of the water and do not be surprise that the quality of the water does contribute to our hair loss.

This time, my mane was pampered by BioRoyale GroBack Shampoo, Conditioner, After shower serum and Overnight Vitalizer. I have oily hair scalp by nature and usually by mid-noon, my scalp gets oily and my hair starts to lump together especially at the fringe. Not all scalp care shampoo suits me or can be use daily. I bought a certain brand from my usual hair salon and my stylist advised me to use it only once or twice a week, just to clean my scalp but not on a daily basis as it might be too harsh on the scalp. An over-drying scalp can resulted in me having an itchy scalp.

So how do I choose my skin and hair care products ? I try to choose products with natural ingredients, parabens free and sulphates free mainly because parabens and sulphates are the main chemicals present in most shampoo that cause hairfall. Do READ THE LABELS when you are shopping for your shampoo.

Bio Royale with 20 years in the making of natural hair products, came up with this awesome set of 4. Locally made and produced in Singapore and it is approved by Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA).

Bio Royale contains natural ingredientssuch as Aloe Vera, Arnica Extract, Calendula, Buccopa Muneri, Tea Tree Oil, Cedarwood oil, Green tree extract, Cochlearea (anoracia) and Argan oil, it also contains Saw Palmetto that helps to regrow hair and blocks DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) - main cause of male pattern baldness, which is so common nowadays,  even so for males who are in their early 30s.

My overall experience after using Bio Royale GroBack Shampoo and Conditioner - The shampoo was mildly scented of the natural ingredients while the conditioner was easy to rinse off. Normaly, I will blow dry my hair and quite a number of strands on the floor could be sighted after that. When swept together and rolled into a ball,  the sight can be quite disturbing.

My hairfall during shower and drying had a significant improvement after a week of using Bio Royale. Imagine, further damage done to my coloured hair with the daily blow-drying but somehow the conditioner, which is rich in Vitamin E helped to retain the moisture. I could run my fingers easily while I blow dry as compared to the norm and not forgtting my scalp, the oiliness was in control.

To aid with the oil control, I massage a few drops of After Shower Serum into my scalp. Remember this tip, regardles of what products you are using, it is very important to massage and stimulate the hair follicles. Otherwise, nothing is going to work. Basically, after 12 hours from the time I washed my hair, my scalp felt "clean" and not oily as compared to the days before I used the products.

As for the Overnight Vitalizer, if you are like me who dislike to apply anything to the hair. I would suggest you do not leave it overnight. I applied as what was instructed on the packaging, I totally dislike the feeling of my hair having a coat of oil on it. It gave me a very oily  and heavy feeling on my hair. I left it on my scalp while I went to continue with my chores and washed it off after an hour because to leave it overnight is a no-go for me.

Guess what? After washing and drying, it was just like as if my hair had a an intensive mositure treatment. My mane felt so much softer, the frizz was better to manage and I could easily run my fingers through the hair without having to break them.

Sounds good? Let me just summarize this up. Bio Royale GroBackShampoo and Conditioner help:
- Reduces hairfall
- Helps hair regrowth
- Retains moisture
- Reduces scalp problems
- Prevents split ends
- Prevents further greying
- Improves volume and texture
- Anti flaking/ Dandruff
- Reduces DHT formation

While having most of the benefits of what the shampoo and conditioner can do, Bio Royale GroBack Vitalizer and Serum help:
- Restores moisture
- Anti- Bacterial
- Helps Frizzy hair
- Adds shine
- Improve Texture and Softness
- Improve scalp conditions.

and if you are looking around for products to help with hairloss, you might want to Bio Royale Hair loss Solution a try. It comes with a starter set at $49.99 and the rest of the products can be view and purchase at .

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Disclaimer: I received a set from BioRoyale for review purpose only. No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are of my own. 


Nicole said...

Thank you for the informative blog post! I have participated in the giveaway on fb (Nicole Foo) as well as followed on instagram (@elocinoof). Hope to be the lucky winner so I can share it with my mum 😊

xavvy said...

Nicole: Thank you for your support ! Good luck and hope you be the lucky one !

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