Friday, February 17, 2017

Quinoa with minced meat and vegetable

If you have read my previous post on the stuffed capsicum with baked cheesy quinoa and the benefits of Quinoa, on the other hand, I have also read that quinoa has saponin content. Of which, one of the many uses includes the use of it as detergent for clothing and washing. It has a bitter taste which was supposingly meant to deter birds from eating the plant. Being new to this superfood, of course the "kia-si" (afraid of death in hokkien) me asked the doctor if it's safe to take. He told me, the ones sold in supermarkets have already sprouted and it's totally safe to take and if you read here, it has also indicated that most grains sold commercially, have been processed to remove this coating.

This is another meal I have prepared for Vera by tossing in some herbs to marinate the meat, together with some chopped spring onions, it was added and stir fried together with the boiled Quinoa. This is it, at least it is something different for Vera in terms of texture. I realised she prefers more than just porridge. She loves to eat more solid and textured type of food like rice and pastas.

She loves to eat and I have no problem in getting her to eat most of the food and fruits but I do have a problem to get her to stop eating incase she overeats and it can cause indigestion which could also affects the condition of her eczema.

Recently, one of the doctors did advised me to give small portions during breakfast and dinner. As for lunch, I could give her a slightly bigger portion. Our little girl just love and probably hope that she can eat like the way her friends do. However, I guess for these few years, we have to work with her to manage her food allergies. Hopefully, she will outgrow the list and get to eat normally again.

This dish is gluten free, dairies free, wheat free and eggs free if you are looking for an alternative should your child or anyone you know of, who is allergic to the above in bold.

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Disclaimer: This is in anyway NOT a sponsored post. Just sharing the gluten free diet Vera is currently having to mange her food allergies.

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