Sunday, October 8, 2017

[Media Invite] Cartoon Network - Halloween Movie Premieres + New Halloween Episodes

Our Saturday morning was spent at this stylish cooking studio - CulinaryOn Singapore, located in the heart of the CBD. This was my review of CulinaryOn on my previous visit and the second visit during a friend's son's birthday party.

With Halloween season approaching, we were invited by Cartoon Network Asia to attend a workshop and learn how to make Halloween Treats with a fun Cartoon Network Twist.

Today was our first attempt in making 3D bentos, not easy I must say, especially making it with kids. But I must say it makes a very good bonding session if you are thinking of roping in your child to make one, be sure to have alot of patience and for now I am keeping my fingers cross that Xav will not request for 3D bentos until I have more free time.

We created this on our own after the briefing.

Busy Little Hands

Guess which is whose ? No prize for guessing though.
And don't play play, today's lunch was peaceful, I did not give my regular dagger stares nor I need to ask anyone to "Eat fast and stop day dreaming !" Both Xav and Vera wiped out their bento lunch boxes made earlier in record breaking time!

We decorated the cupcakes with a step-by-step fondant assembling, our Power Puff Girls cupcakes as well as some fondant cookies.

Get ready to howl with laughter this Halloween with the non-scary, kid-friendly, Halloween Specials from the kids' favourite kids channel - Cartoon Network,  which is available in Singapore on Starhub TV Channel 316 and Singtel TV Channel 226.

This is the hand selected terrifying fun list of hair-rising cartoons comedy shows not to be missed:

Halloween Movie Premieres*
1. Scooby Doo Moon Monster Madness (31st October, 3pm & Repeat Broadcast @9pm)
2. Scooby Doo Franken Creepy (21st October, 2 pm)

New Halloween Episodes of Hit Shows* 
1. Regular Show - "Terror of Tales VI" (28th October, 12 pm)
2. Teens Titan Go! - "Halloween V Christmas" (29th October, 11 am)
3. Ben 10 - "Scared Silly" (29th October, 9 am)
4. The Powerpuff Girls - "Midnight at the Mayor's Mansion (22nd October, 11.30 am)
5. Uncle Grandpa - "Costume Crisis" (28th October, 11.45 am)
6. We Bare Bears - "Charlie's Halloween Thing" (29th October, 10 am)
7. Justice League Action - "Trick of Threat" (22nd October, 12.30 pm)
8. Mighty Magiswords - "Zombie Pumpkin Vlogs" (21st October, 10.30 am)

For more updates, do visit: or the Cartoon Network Asia Facebook Page.

We, thank Cartoon Network Asia & CulinaryOn Singapore for a fun morning !

About Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Turner’s Cartoon Network, the number one kids’ channel in Asia Pacific, offers the best in original animated content including the multi-award-winning global hits Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time and new comedy We Bare Bears. In 2016, the network welcomes back new series of popular franchises Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls. Cartoon Network is available in 27 countries throughout Asia Pacific and is currently seen in more than 88 million pay-TV homes. Internationally, it is seen in 192 countries and over 370 million homes, and is an industry leader with a global offering of the best in awardwinning animated entertainment for kids and families, known for putting its fans at the center of everything by applying creative thinking and innovation across multiple platforms. Cartoon Network also reaches millions more through its websites, games and apps, including Cartoon Network Watch and Play and Cartoon Network Anything. Cartoon Network, sister company to Boomerang, POGO and Toonami, is a brand created and distributed by Turner, a Time Warner Company.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

DIY Incy Wincy Spider Costume

When Xav was in preschool, I used to be challended annually to come up with ideas for making lantern using recycled materials. This was the first time I was challenged to diy a costume ! So can I instantly call myself a costume designer ?

In Oct 2015, I went for a tutu making class and was glad that I can put what I learnt into use.

A post shared by Serene Seah (@xavvylicious) on

The easiest I can think of was making a spider costume since it has got to do with nursery rhymes characters and it shall be all black. Need ideas ? Go to Pinterest ! Loads of refernces there !

I bought some tulle from spotlight, three pairs of black socks from Daiso. Top and pants were Vera's very own. I decided to make half a tutu skirt just for the front to soften the look. Totally satisfied with the end result and missy loved it so much that she insisted to wear it to school and yes she boarded the bus with the costume on.

Pretty easy to get everything sew into place with some simple backstitches. Thankfully it's all black, it camouflaged my ugly stitches. What I did was to fill the socks with the mini styrofoam balls from my bean bag. Since we are planning to do away with it, so might as well utilize the foam balls. I stuffed it into the socks 3/4 full and sew up just right at where the foam balls were to prevent them from spilling out.

I used a white, thin ribbon, sew through the socks at the part where our heels will be covered, I tied a knot on the top and bottom to prevent the socks from shifting, if you can what I mean. The sewing of this part will allow all the "legs" to move if Vera raises her hands.

From the rear

Here's my cutesy, little spider !

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Friday, September 29, 2017

[ Review ] POSB Smart Buddy

When news of the launch of POSB Smart Buddy Programme into 19 local primary schools in Singapore came about, I had a mixture of both positive and negative thoughts running through my mind. Xav's school does not have this programme yet, hence, when  I first received the invitation to attend this briefing, I made my rsvp without even giving a second thought thinking that the briefing was a very opportunity for me to find out more.

I would say I am open to this idea and why I would say YES to this programme ? Basically, Smart Buddy is the world’s first in-school savings and payments wearable on the child’s wrist. I read and heard that it allows your child to tap to pay for food in school (You can even track what meals they purchased during recess),

Photo Credit: POSB Smart Buddy

at the bookshop and at selected merchants, check on balances, and track fitness levels. Think smart watch + Fit-bit + "e-wallet" all in one and it's so convenient to do them all while on the go. Let me just quote you some live examples or rather present issues I am facing with Xav.

Overall monitoring in an app 

First, in just this year, coming close to 10 months, he dropped and lost his coin pouch a few times in school. Either he ended up borrowing money from his teacher or he went without a recess because I do not encourage him to borrow from friends so as to deter any misunderstanding.

POSB Smart Buddy: It's just like a e-wallet. Parents can allocate and set a fix amount of allowance on a daily basis or change to a higher amount on certain days. You can also monitor with a touch of a button and at a glance, how much did the child spend and how much is left for the week. On the other hand, the child can get to check the balance is left for the remaining week. This way, I felt that it allows them to plan better on how to use their money wisely and spend within their means. Else, they can choose to save up the balance. 

Second, with the start of having enrichment, getting involved and helped out in the Reading Buddy Programme in school, on certain days, he would have to stay in school beyond the normal school hours. On these days, allowance will be slightly more to cater for his lunch. Sometimes, he could be so absent-minded that he could just leave for school without taking the allowance meant for that day or it could be his mummy, me, who forgot to give more.

POSB Smart Buddy: From the mobile app, parents can actually top up their allowance for the day without having to personally bring down money 

Third, he travels to school on his own since he was in Primary 2. Previously, we bought him a GPS watch to track his location. Now that 2G is being phased out, we gave him a phone for communication purpose but at a risk of him losing the phone in school as well.

POSB Smart Buddy: Has a bus tracker and an in-school locator, parents like myself who has their kids going to school on their own can put their mind at ease and be informed of their wherabouts all on the app. 

Fourth, I personally think it is so convenient to just tap and pay at selected retail stores that have this Nets Contactless symbol. I am always travelling around with just my card holder. All my payments are in Nets most of the time. For an instance, Popular has always been Xav's favourite retail store and at times, he will be asking to purchase a copy of a book out of the blue. So imgaine, how POSB Smart Buddy can save me from making a trip down just to pass him money. Say that I am lazy but I think he is independant enough to make simple purchases. So, we tried purchasing from the retail shop for the first time using POSB Smart Buddy. It will show how much was allocated for the day, how much was spent and how much balance Xav has left for the day. 

It will reflect where the money was spent at as well. However, the watch does not reflect how much is left after the purchase. It can only be viewed on the mobile app.

POSB Smart Buddy: Participating retail outlets (with Nets contactless symbols) allow wearers to pay with smart buddy, just tap and go ! Seriously, I wish I am issue with this watch !

Fifth, it does not only function as a watch, in-school location tracker (though it will be good if it can have an in-built GPS tracker, not limit to only tracking in schools, a spend-and-save e-bank, it can also be used as a health tracker. Xav got motivated to walk more so that he could reach his target of a certain number of steps. 

POSB Smart Buddy: It will sync with the watch and records the number of steps, distance covered as well as the amount of calories burnt. 

Overall, to be frank, I find it pretty beneficial and it is FREE for all students if the school decides to try out this programme (Replacement fee of $30 will be imposed should you lose it and needed a replacement) and on the other hand, I am sure that some of you out there may object to this idea as some would think that the basic fundamental of knowing how to count money should be taught, like the way we were brought up, which is counting the notes and coins physically.

Another concern for most parents, what if my child loses the watch, someone could have just misuse it and make illegal attempts to transact with it. Fear not, remind your child to keep you inform as soon as possible and with just a swipe of the button via the app, just go to the child's profile and you can deactivate the usage of the funds. I thought how cool this is, immediate prevention could be made.

My view on this point is, it still falls on how the parents would want to strike a balance. On school days, kids can wear and transact via POSB Smart Buddy while on the weekends, parents can still continue to allow them to make purchases using physical notes and coins.

If you are still not agreeable to this policy, then just allow your child to wear this as a normal watch. It is just like learning the first and second language, many are struggling with learning their second language because too much emphasis is on the first and now, it is unbalanced. The same theory applies to this programme and our usual way of counting money physically. All in all, I do not see the need to even set up social media pages to show your strong objection against the launch of this programme, I receive it with an open mind and I hope the watch can be upgraded to have a GPS function in the near future.

For more information about POSB Smart Buddy Programme, click here. I have just submitted a request to Xav's school to ask them about considering getting onboard of the programme.

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Disclaimer: I was invited by DBS to attend the briefing and for the review of POSB Smart Buddy. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

[ Giveaway ] 2 pairs of Admission Pass - My Little Climbing Room

My Little Climbing Room is officially opening their doors to the public on 30th September 2017 !

I cannot be more than happy to know that, finally, in the North-East region, there is a rock climbing facility for the little ones! Their walls are built by the parent company of Climb Central. It is Vera's first ever rock climbing experience. Excited much, allow us to walk you through. This 90 minutes session was divided into a 30 minutes of free play, 30 mins of group games and follow by another round of 30 minutes free play.

Nested within the building, My Little Climbing Room allows up to 15 pairs of adults and child in one session. 

The older kids can climb up the 4m high wall with different levels of difficulty as indicated on the task card (the more hands you see, the difficulty level is higher)

Augmented Reality wall, challenges the child to tap on the white circles on the wall within the shortest time. After all the white circles were tapped, the total time taken will be reflected on the wall. Some children may set it as a goal to do better than their previous timing.

AR Wall (Augmented Reality)

If the children chose to take a break from the wall, they could also get to the monkey bars and show their arm powers !

As for Vera, initially, she just wanted to play with the wooden toy kitchen and refused to budge and give a try at the walls until much later. I must say this is pretty well thought to set a play corner for the younger ones who may want to take a break from climbing or for those who are like Vera, who takes longer time to warm up. She is more of the cautious type and will prefer to go slow to see if it is safe to carry on. Just look at her expression......

From refusing to try after attempting at the higher walls, Vera decided to give a try at the number wall. There was a gadget right infront of the number wall, simply tap on it to choose a random number, then look for the same number on the wall. Pretty good to train the little one's observation skills too on top of their motor skills. Her confidence started to built up at the later half of the session and she was happily spotting and climbing up to the numbers with the assistance from us. Instructors were friendly too and had taught us how to support Vera while she was making her attempts to climb up and how to make her feel secure.

Vera even gave the Obstacle wall a go !

At the end of the session, photo printouts of the little guests were printed out for them to bring home as keepsake before they leave.

My verdict: Overall, both Xav and Vera had really enjoyed the session. For Xav, who is 9 yr old and having to attempt the walls at Climb Central, may find the 4 metre high walls, too easy for him despite having the different level of difficulty.

As for Vera, who has just turned 4 in July. Being her first experience in rock climbing, I witnessed her improvement from the beginning right to the end. Together with the brother, they had a blast !

As for the parents, if you are bringing your younger child, be prepared to flex your arm muscles to support them  as they climb ! I have to agree that it makes great bonding time between the parent and child.

To celebrate the Grand Opening of My Little Climbing Room on 30th September 2017, do not miss out the admission pass discount and on-site specials during the Grand Opening Weekend (30th September & 1st Ocober 2017).

Photo credit: My Little Climbing Room

Here are some additional information you would wish to take note:
  • Weekday sessions are unlimited play time and the group games will be run every 2 hours. 
  • Due to limited capacity, online booking is highly encouraged instead of walking in direct.
  • Feel free to approach the instructors if you need help in encouraging/guide the kids to climb. They will be more proactive in looking out for kids who can do with some guidance.
  • For each paying child, an adult admits for free. Additional adult at $5 per pax. 
  • Multi pass can be shared and is transferrable. Adult admission included too. Which means you can use 5 x Multipass for 1 child and 1 adult for 5 sessions OR 5 children and 5 adults in 1 session OR any possible combination. 
  • Want to hold an unusual birthday celebration, approach the staff to enquire about their party packages.
My Little Climbing Room is celebrating their grand opening with a GIVEAWAY too ! There are 2 pairs of passes (worth $44 each) to be given to 2 lucky readers of Xavvy-licious ! Simply follow the steps: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Like My Little Climbing Room on Facebook.
2. Like Xavvy-licious on Facebook
3. Follow My Little Climbing Room on Instagram.
4. Follow Xavvylicious on Instagram and tag as many friends as you would like to. One name per comment. The more you tag, the more entries you get.
5. For extra entries, share this giveaway post on Facebook.

    Terms and Conditions :
    - Contest runs from 27 - 29 September 2017 @2359 hours.
    - Contest is for residents residing in Singapore only.
    - Any incomplete entries will be disqualified.
    - All winners will be notified by email, after winners have been selected.
    - Validity of the admission pass is until 31st Dec 2017.

    How to go:
    By Car :  Ample FREE basement parking available. Take the lift up from Lobby 3 to Basement 1. If you have trouble finding parking lots, approach the guards and they will help you.

    By Taxi: If you're taking a taxi, get the driver to alight you in the carpark too.

    By MRT: From Serangoon station, take bus 53 at Exit C. Alight at the 7th stop.

    By Bus: 53, 53M, 62, 113

    Walk through Hougang Ave 1 Park (5 mins) to reach The Promenade @ Pelikat. Take the escalator down to Basement 1 and enter the glass door on your left.

    Do visit My Little Climbing Room on their social media pages for future updates.

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    Disclaimer: This is an exclusive mediainvite by MLTC for the purpose of review, no other monetary compensation is involved, all opinions and photos are of my mine unless otherwise standard. 

    Monday, September 25, 2017

    [Review] Song-Cho Soup Maker

    I bet the first thing that comes to your mind when Song-Cho is being mentioned, will be their stainless steel racks. If my memory did not failed me, 5 years ago when we had our new home, we decided to go for Song-Cho stainless steel racks for both my kitchen and bathrooms. I have even counter check with Don and he was sure that he did not see anything on kitchen appliances at all.

    Until sometime in July, we were invited to Song-Cho live cooking demostration at their showroom at Mapex, I got to understand the company abit more. Song-Cho Singapore, a locally based company in Singapore, started in 1995 specializing in 304 stainless steel products. They have grown and expanded from kitchen accessories to kitchen appliances ! They even provide fitting service for kitchen cupboards and sinks ! Now, I am secretly wishing to give my kitchen an overhaul!

    It was impressive when we saw how a sumptuous meal was prepared for 20 pax within an hour with the already prepared ingredients. These were the dishes that were whipped up with the various kitchen appliances; wok, magic cooker, rice cookers etc, soup maker to stainless steel wok.

    A healthier choice - Brown Rice 

    Fried Promfret

     Stir-fry Vegetables

    Fried Bee Hoon
    Curry Chicken

    Freshly baked bread from the bread maker

    Lotus Roots Soup

    Longan Smoothie

    Last but not least Cream of Mushroom Soup using the Soup Maker. The texture of the soup was really smooth ! I would think it is perfect to cook baby's puree with it given the end consistency.

    Cream of Mushroom soup

    Here's my personal experience with the Soup Maker. It comes with a durable 304 stainless steel inner jug, light weight and easy to carry around. Especially if you have a small kitchen space like mine. I had to fall in love with it being multi-functional as it has a total of 8 preset cooking modes.

    You can make soymilk, bean paste, congee, porridge, soup, stew, fruit/ vegetable and even smoothie in the comfort of our home.

    Soup Maker [ SCSM15B ]
    Dimension: 1.5 Litres (Dia16.5cm x H31.5cm)

    The blades

    If you look at the television screen below, it showed the raised "humps" around the jug. This is specially designed so that when you are cooking soy milk with it, the fibres will be evenly drawn back to the center so that the drink will not have much residue. 

    and I decided to try making my own soy bean drink from home. You can find the soy bean recipe on their website which makes it easier for all users to refer to ! Totally love it ! The soup maker is pretty smart as in it will give a beeping sound when you "overfill" the jug ,beyond the maximum capacity as marked on the interior of the jug. It will also beep if it is overheating and for safety measure, it will not work until it has cooled down.

    My homemade soy bean milk with gula melaka 

    Best to go with one of my favourite, You Char Kway also known as You Tiao
    (Chinese Fried Churros).

    This is the fifth attempt on making sorbet. I am still trouble shooting where and what has
    gone wrong. At first, I used rounded ice cubes and the size was much bigger than the
    size of half my thumb. I ended up with was a jar of floating ice and the frozen pineapple
    / water melon cubes remained unblended. 

    The fifth attempt, I used another ice tray, which is slightly smaller in size and of a mixture
    of rectangular cubes and irregular hello kitty head-shaped ice cubes. I succeeded half
    and managed to get something similar.

    Let me try again sometime soon and hope I can share with you, what exactly works. 

    Next to try out will be making Black Sesame Paste for dessert. No blender needed as it can
    be  done just using the soup maker alone.

    To read on the reviews for other appliances, check out the following links below:

    - Ilovedefamily >>>  Rice Cooker
    - MummyEd >>> Ideal Wok
    - Din0mama >>> Magic Quick Cook 
    - Kids "R" Simple >>> Magic Quick Cook 
    - Universal sscribbles >>> Bread Maker

    Song-Cho conducts cooking demos and if you would like to be updated on their events,
    products and promotions. Do visit them on their social media pages:

    For recipes using Song-Cho appliances:
    Instagram: Song_KitchenSpace  

    Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on :

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review for Song Cho, no monetary compensation is
    involved and all opinions are of my own. 

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