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[Review + Giveaway] Blend It Up - Italian Fusion Restaurant by Celebrity Chef Peter Neo

Kee Chiew ( raise hands) if you are a fan of Italian food and at the same time, you would also love to indulge into dishes of local flavour. This is it ! Located along Upper Paya Lebar Road, this quaint restaurant Blend It Up, helmed by popular Celebrity Chef Peter Neo, announced its grand opening on 15th September 2016.

The concept of this restaurant takes on a unique fusion of classic Italian dishes with our local flavours such as the ever so popular salted egg and tom yum flavour dishes just to cater to the local tastebuds.

Furthermore, the food creations are handcrafted from scratch with the freshest quality ingredients and preservatives free. All dishes including the desserts are freshly made upon ordering, hence be expected to wait for about 15-20 mins. Good stuff are worth waiting  The ingredients are all blended up together with their natural goodness to create their soups, sauces and mains like pizzas and pastas. Blend It Up has a really extensive menu, ranging from appetizers, antipasti, salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, risottos, meats, desserts and even wine! You can definately find something to suit your tastebud.

While I was writing up this post, I could not help but kept thinking of the Roasted Pork Belly Pizza, just because it was so unique and it tasted really good! Even Don had the same sentiments, usually for food tasting, his comments will be "ok lor / so-so". But if he can tell me that he would want to visit again, which is quite rare coming fom him, I have to say that it has to be that good!
Enough said, I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Seafood Soup - This bowl is tomato based, not too sourish yet tangy. The bowl was filled with generous portion of clams, sliced squid, prawns and mussles. Totally appetizing and tantalized our tastebuds, Xav kept asking for more!

Seafood Soup - SGD $11

Now, someone was lucky to have a go in preparing the pizza dough with Chef Peter. If you are lucky, you can catch Chef Peter in action at his work station, a counter surrounded by glass panels. Watch him prepare the pizza from scratch!

I tell you, he is one super friendly chef, bubbly and jolly! Xav hit along well with him despite meeting him for the first time! For your information, Chef Peter can conduct pizza making class not only for kids but adults as well! For private or corporate functions, Blend It Up is also available for booking with a cap at 45 pax. Just call up the restuarant for more enquiry. Sounds awesome to hold a birthday party or a Christmas gathering there!

Chef Peter dishing out the freshly baked, piping hot pizza from the oven!

Freshly baked + piping hot pizza

Roasted Pork Belly Pizza, I give Two thumbs up for it! Be sure to have this in your order list. Can never go wrong ordering items with two thumbs up indicator beside the name of the dish. Truly unique flavour for pizzas, the crust was crispy and thin while the ingredients were tasty.  The pizza was served with Porcini sauce, I'm soooo in love with it!

Even for Don who is so picky and more often than not, I hardly hear him giving praise to recommended dish. But he told me he likes the roasted pork belly pizzs!

Roasted Pork Belly Pizza - SGD $22

My little gastronomer at work, too hard to resist the Blend It Up Pizza which came with a beautiful sunny side up! If you love a combination of feta & mozzarella cheese, honey baked ham, mushroom and a an egg. Go for this flavour but personally, I give my vote to the unique Roasted Pork Belly Pizza.

Blend It Up Pizza - SGD $19

Whole Grilled Squid - I do not take squid which explains why I did not try it. Howeer, I do loved the overall presentation of this dish when served. This starter was seasoned with homemade blend of mixed herbs, crushed black pepper, basil, diced cherry tomatoes, paprika. I am sure it makes a great starter with the lemon juice drizzled over.

Whole Grilled Squid - $18

Spaghetti Vongole - If you are a clam lover like myself, trust me that this plate of Vongole would not disappoint. No doubt this is a simple dish but the clams were fresh and sweet with the spaghetti tossed in olive oil, garlic and some chilli. I love the lingering aftertaste of the white wine sauce. Palatable !

Spaghetti Vongole - SGD $18

Tom Yum Seafood Risotto - This plate of savory Italian rice was definately something different. I have never tasted risotte in this flavour before. For the Tom Yum lovers and if you have a higher threshold for spicy food, this is a delectable dish on it's own. I find it very apptizing.

Tom Yum Seafood Risotto - SGD $18

Green Curry Pasta with seafood - You would not be able to find this on the menu, as this was whipped up by the very creative Chef Peter. His passion and love in creating new dishes is commendable ! Look out for more new dishes! I think I would request for the chilli padi to be reduced or omitted from the dish, my threshold of taking spiciness is on the lower side. It had set my tongue burning for a moment.

Chef's Special BBQ Honey Baby Pork Ribs - Another 2 thumbs up. A must order if you visit ! The meat was succulent and moist, it could be easily pulled off from the bones! It's finger licking good !

BBQ Honey Baby Pork Ribs, SGD $26

These mouth-watering lava cakes are to be included for your desserts. We got to try Pistachio, Black Sesame and Chocolate Lava cakes.

Lava cakes (from the left) : Pistachio , Black Sesame, Chocolate

I will go in sequence of my preference. Surprisingly, chocolate was not the first of my preference.

Pistachio Lava Cake was overbaked that evening, it did not flow BUT among the three, I love the unique aromatic and slightly nutty texture, Pistachio, the most. It was warm, slightly sweet but not too sweet for my liking. Some may find the cake dense but I find it acceptable.

Black Sesame Lava Cake was great too ! It was not too sweet and it was just like the black sesame dessert in a cake. Coupled with a scoop of vanilla gelato, simply perfect!

Chocolate Lava Cake -  One of the popular dessert with a rich chocolate taste. I find it too sweet for my liking. Perhaps, it would be great if dark chocolate was used, probably it may taste even better.

Here is something about this popular Celebrity Chef Peter Neo. He is no stranger in the culinary and media industry. He has 35 years of culinary experience and was the former Chef di Partie at Raffles Hotel. Following his passion, he spent time in Italy learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine from some of the best Italian chefs.

Upon his return to Singapore, he joined an established local Italian restaurant chain.
He also began experimenting with fusion Italian food, creating witty and innovative dishes to appeal to local tastes.

He is the man behind local Italian restaurant Pietro Ristorante Italiano, formerly from Raffles Hotel and Bruno, and his latest venture into Italian fusion food is represented through his quaint and cosy restaurant, Blend It Up.

Chef Peter Neo is well-known for his exceptional culinary skills with numerous awards and accolades, widely sought after for food demonstrations and has previously contributed his own recipes to local magazines. He has appeared on various TV programmes, radio shows and events showcasing his culinary skills.

Now after reading through the review, it's GIVEAWAY time and Blend It Up has 10 $10 vouchers to be given to reward 10 supporting readers !

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Terms and Conditions :
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- Contest is for residents residing in Singapore only.
- Any incomplete entries will be disqualified.
- All winners will be notified by email, after winners have been selected.

Blend It Up is located at:
325 Upper Paya Lebar Road,
Quemoy Building
Singapore 534946
Tel: 6281 2688

Operating hours (daily)
- Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm
- Dinner: 6pm - 10.30pm

For more information and updates on Blend It Up, you may also check out the following:
- Facebook :
- Website:
- Instagram:

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