Friday, November 25, 2016

Pezzo Pizza's New Christmas Menu

As we approached the season of giving and sharing precious moments with our loved ones, Pezzo Pizza Sg has created a new Christmas menu ! I have been to Compass One basement and spotted Pezzo Pizza but I did not know that we can actually sit in and enjoy our slices there ! It's their latest outlet, a  3-in-1 concept at Compass One, sharing it's space with the other two names :Stuff'd and CRAVE.

Our elves could not decide which flavour to choose. I thought it's really awesome to be able to mix and match up to 6 different flavours in pan! It's like you can have something different to cater to your friends or guests.

Pezzo Pizza Sg has come up with two unique flavours, Carbonara Pizza and Flamethrower Pizza. Both flavours are selling at $4.90 per slice.

If you can take spice, go for Flamethrower Pizza. Initially, it was tongue burning for me (my threshold for spicy food is pretty low) but after I'm "immune" to the spiciness, the spiced chicken chunks were actually tender and aromatic, together with roasted onion, fresh chilli and mozzarella all immersed in Pezzo's special curry sauce. I find the sauce a little saltish but on the whole, this slice is going to be a hit with people who loves give their tastebud a tease with it's intense flavour!

Flamethrower Pizza , $4.90 per slice

This savoury Carbonara Pizza is put together with an enticing medley of roasted turkey bacon and ham, oregano chicken chunks, ushrooms and mozzarella, all pulled together by creamy carbonara sauce. Take this slice when it's hot and I love the generous amount of cheese and not forgetting the sprinkle of dried cranberries which gave a slight sourish-sweet taste to entice the taste of the slice. It sorts of balance it off if you find it to be too cheesy or saltish. I heart this flavour !

Carbonara Pizza, $4.90 per slice

Don't forget to check out Pezzo spicy drumlets .My opinion was it was more "fiery" than the ones from Pizza Hut ! Shiok to the max when I sank my teeth into crispy and flavourful skin of the drumlets, yet the meat was succulent and tender. It was pretty managable to get the meat off the bone! I can't stop at just one! For your info, usually I would prefer mid-joints more than drumlets. But this is something not to be missed!

Pezzo Spicy Drumlets, $5.90 for 6 pieces

I personally think that Pezzo pizza slices are really huge in portion, pretty value for money! Just for 25th November 2016, Happy 4th Anniversary to Pezzo Pizza Singapore ! All slices are going at $4 per slice (U.P $4.90) ! * Burps * I bought three slices for lunch to share with Xav !

Pezzo Pizza (New outlet) at Compass One is located at:
1 Sengkang Square
Singapore 545078

You can also check out the location of other outlets here.

For updates and promotions, you can follow:
Facebook: Pezzo Pizza Sg
Instagram: Pezzo Pizza Sg

And you may be keen to find out what is behind the scene and how is it like for food bloggers when we attend food tasting session. Hop on to Dinomama's blog to check them out!

And not forgetting that there was an arty corner as well with the talented Serene Wu, a water colourist + calligrapher from The Work Room. She had my name writtenly beautifully in shade of blue. I was so inspired that I bought myself a cursive penmanship practice book to start off with, if you are keen and would prefer to attend a class, you can check out the schedule here. I was so happy to find a roll of washi tape in my stash that has compatible colours to add on to the calligraphy.

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