Friday, November 25, 2016

Millenia Kids Challenge 2016 - 9km Community Cycling

We participated in Millenia Kids Challenge 2016 for the second year. This was the family obstacle challenge from 2015. This year, as per Xav's request, we signed up for the 9km community cycling since we have our own bicycles and thought it would be fun to cycle with the community. Indeed, the whole cycling event was awesome and it was great to see families coming together and get active as a whole.

Weather was great and cooling from the shower earlier that morning. The overcast sky did not dampened our mood from proceeding for the event. The 9km community cycling was flagged off right at Anchorvale Community Centre after a warm up.

and at certain road junctions, there were road marshals directing us, looking out for the traffic, slowing down turning / on coming traffic so that we could proceed safely. Though we were cycling on the extreme left lane but I had to keep turning back to check on my blind spot  and making sure that there were no vehicles behind us, just to play extra safe unlike cycling along the park connectors where we don't usually turn to check our blindspot.

We cycled all the way to Fernvale vicinity, then back to Anchorvale, made another round before we arrived back to the ending point where the sounts lined up to welcome us!

Xav's feedback was, it was awesome as he got to cycle on the main road which he usually does not get to do so and the feeling was great to be able to cycle with so many people ! He would love to participate again next year! 

This is a community event co-organised by Sengkang Health, Tobacco Free Generation 2000, Sport Singapore, National Cancer Centre Singapore and Health Promotion Board Singapore, to encourage families and the community to bond through an active lifestyle, at no cost at all and you get a goodie pack as well!

Completed the 9km cycling and got a medal !

For more photos of the event, you can click on this link. Here's what we have to say about Millenia Kids Challenge :

Thank you Sengkang Health for the invitation, we willl be back next year! Wish to join in Millenia Kids Challenge next year, do follow Sengkang Health, for future updates on their social media pages :

Facebook Page - Sengkang Health
Instagram page - Sengkang Health
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