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[Media Invite] Pika ! PIKACHU !! Gotta catch'em all @ Changi Airport Singapore

[Media Invite]

About one year ago, The Force Awakens at Changi Airport Singapore. This year, this cute yellow anime character and his friends, have taken the world by storm and they are going to delight airport visitors and travellers this year end holiday season.

To be honest, the only character I knew from Pokemon was Pikachu. I did not feel any love for it, which as a result, I did not bother to find out more about it and the rest of the characters. It was right until the craze of playing Pokemon Go started, I was "educated" by Xav on the other characters. I installed the game too but only played as and when I could if I have some free time.

I was so excited on behalf of the kids when I received the invitation to witness the first ever PIKACHU PARADE ever held in Singapore. Just imagine 10 life-sized dancing Pikachu marching right in front of you !

To join in the fun, we could not help but borrow the really cute Pikachu visors from the kids for a selfie.

The Pokemon fans !

The throng of fans cheered as they made their appearance, bobbed and marched towards the Gingerbread house right at T3 Depature hall where this 7m tall, larger-than-life Pikachu stood.

You can catch a glimpse of Santa's Workshop and Mrs Claus' Confectionery, which is filled with toys and yummy delights.

The Pokemon fans were being treated to a 100 seconds stunning light showwith music and dancing trees amidst soft falling "snow".  I shared another short clip on my timeline too. Vera was also shouting in delight with her "Mummy, see! Ka-chu, ka-chu !"

The mascots were simply too adorable !! Love the "snowy" effect !!

Shortly after their dance, the little fans could not wait any longer but to rush up and gave these cutest pikachus their warm little hugs !

Shortly, the Pikachus marched their way towards the end of Row 11. It was total madness, I could not even see where they were initially as it was pretty packed with the crowd lined themselves along the path but could only heard the sound of the whistle. Safety was the first thought that came to my mind as the kids were all with me. I had to make my way all the way much ahead the rest and managed to catch the one any only shot of them in a line.

After the Parade, we made our way to Terminal 2 to catch SNORLAX at Snorlax Garden! Another hot favourite ! Visitors can catch not only one but THREE life-sized Snorlax lounging at the garden. This is a perfect backdrop for photo opportunity! Be sure to snap a few pictures before leaving Terminal 2.

To this nice gentleman, you have definately made the kids' day when you granted them permission to go onto the platform for that moment to give Snorlax a squeeze and have a picture taken together. Thank you, Mr Goh. =) But to members of the public, please do not attempt to go onto the platform.

Someone had to make full use of the opportunity to take another photo with Snorlax.

These group of mums just made the moment more fun! Thanks for the awesome company!

From left: Me, Edlyn, Meiling, Cynthia

At Terminal 2, just further down Snorlax Garden, visitors can participate at the Z-Moves activity kiosks or have some fun having their face "painted" on screen to transform to Pikachu lookalike.  Short videos can also be made and these fun moments can be share with families and friendss through social media platforms. The Z-Moves activity kiosks can also be found at Terminal 1.

Do remember to download your QR code beforehand.

Pokemon trainers out there, if you are game for more adventure, embark on the Pokemon Trail and hunt down the 26 Pokemon spread across various locations in Changi Airport. I learnt 3 new characters from Nintendo's new Sun and Moon series.

From left: Rowlet, Litten & Popplio

Take any 3 pictures with the pokemons you found at the Poketrail sites and go for a sure win lucky dip for some exclusive Pokemon Merchandise. Remember to hashtag all your photos to #PokemonatChangi .

During weekends, you get to Meet-and-Greet sessions with Pikachu @ Terminal 3 (next to Check-in Row 11) on Saturdays & Sundays at 6pm & 8pm (except 3 Dec).

Note that phototaking is limited to the first 80 families and one photo per family. So be there early to catch it !

Last but not least, spot the Bulbasaur and Pikachu which the kids were holding ? This set of 9 limited edition Pokemon plush toys is available exclusively at Changi Airport. If you have done your shopping or dining, you can :

Redeem a Pokémon plush toy for S$9.90 with a minimum spend of S$60 at the Public Area; or S$90 on; OR S$120 at the Transit Area, Changi Recommends and supermarkets in a single receipt.

For Changi Rewards Members:
Redeem a complimentary set of 9 Pokémon plush toys with an accumulated spend of S$1,800 (S$1,500 for Platinum Members).

Click here for the date of release from 18th November 2016 to 11 Feb 2017.

For updates on activities and promotions, you can follow Changi Airport Singapore on their social media:


Thank you Changi Airport Singapore for the invite, the family had tremendous fun! We will be back !

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

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