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[Giveaway] J.OIL - A Very Special One Drop Christmas Bazaar 

Many of you would have know by now that I am a Young Living Distributor and yes I am an active user and does occasional sharings on oiling on Instagram or on the blog once a while, you can just click on Young Living Essential Oil tab on the right of the blog that leads you to the oiling related post.

I have been oiling my family for the past three years using Young Living Essential Oils for anything from immunity building, skincare, incorporating into my crafts, culinary journey as well as for cognitive support when it comes to Xav's revision, tests and semestral periods. He felt the difference and feedback to me accordingly. I hope to get the post done soon hopefully before I jet off this december.

The oils have been fantastic, not saying that they can treat or cure but they did make a big difference in the family especially for Xav's health. His attendance in 2014 was full, when he first started his official school in Primary 1. He was not absent at all as his health was in tip top condition. Even if he was feeling unwell, it was just that one or two occasions of slight cough and probably a scratchy nose. I worked on his diet, made sure he was cut off from dairies and sugar, with frequent application of the essential oils and diffusing, his body was brought back to balance and he was well to go to school again in the shortest time. Hence, to summarize on how to bring the body back to the balance state, do remember: Diet changed + lifestyle (let's get more active) + frequent oiling at the early onset when I see symptoms kicking in.

When comes to oiling, I have alot to share and I can just go on and on but give me sometime to write especially on the oils I used for his cognitive support during exams. If you cannot wait, you can just drop me an email or a pm to find out more. Do not worry, I will not hard sell to you simply because I am not a sales person at all. I do not know how to do sell but I do share what works for me anad my family. Ask me, I am friendly! I can only say that my kitchen cupboard has lesser medicines on standby but more of these wonderful essential oils around the house, which help support the balancing of our body systems.

So what's for this coming December? A local essential group; One Drop brings you a Christmas Bazaar - J.OIL that will leave you giddy with delight!

For retail therapy, be prepared to be spoilt for choices where you can expect more than 15 local traders bringing in their very special items - some personally crafted, some sourced carefully around the world. There are plenty of quirky and beautiful items that will make one-of-a-kind gifts for Christmas. And yes food items too - so yummy you will not resist!

There will also be a total of 6 FREE essential oil and lifestyle workshops guarantee a value-added experience as you shop. If you are totally new to essential oils and would love to find out how do these oils work. Go join in the workshops ! Be sure to be there early to "chope" yourself a seat as seats are on limited capacity and it's based on first come first served basis. Do not worry if you be drag to a corner where they hardsell to you nor force you to sign on any papers. One Drop is a an oiling community that give wonderful oiling support!

So what made this event even more meaningful ? Let us Giveback!

At One Drop, we believe the absolute joy in Christmas really is when we can give. Not necessarily just in buying the perfect presents for gifting; but in finding means and ways to make life just a bit better for another. Therefore, 100% of the collected entrance fees will be donated to One Life Global Charity to fund a project to buy medical and trauma equipment for children in Syria affected by the on-going civil war. Isn't it great to join in the event with your family and friends and at the same time you can #Giveback too.

Details of J.Oil :
Date: 3 December 2016
Time: 12pm - 6pm
Location: Park Hotel Alexandra Botanique Room

For the event onsite special promotion, for new members who sign up for a Young Living account, you will receive :

1. A free 5ml Lavender Essential Oil
2. A copy of Live Alive book (For New One Dropper Members only)

+ There will also be having a special Ningxia Red Promotion on the event day.

on top of the above, should you sign up and enter #1470886 as your enroller and sponsor, you will further received from me:

3. Unlimited Free Zyto Scans from me. This scan actually scans and picks up biomarkers randomly from our palms and recommended us the list of essential oils which our body needs. (This is only applicable for members who are on Essential Reward Program) This is one way which I support my team in their oiling journey. You can read about the experience from Motherkao.

One Drop has kindly sponsored 5 pairs of J'OIL Entry Tickets and a bottle of Young Living Rosemary essential oil to giveaway to 5 lucky readers (1 of the 5 winners will get to win the bottle of Rosemary essential oil + a pair of J'OIL entry tickets), who are keen to attend this event with a friend / family member to pick up some essential oil knowledge, looking at how to improve the well being of your health to gear up for the coming 2017 or to even do some shopping!

Benefits of Rosemary essential oil includes:
1. Cognitive Support -  this is one of the oils I like to diffuse when Xav did his revision. It helps with focus and mental clarity, enhancing and improving of the memory. It's a great oil to have for learning and office settings.

2. Aromatherapy - Diffuse this to promote relaxation. It may help to reduce the drumming in your head.

3. Hair Care - Rosemary helps to promote healthy hair and scalp. It helps to strengthen hair follicles and helps prevent hair loss. Usually, I will add 3 drops into

4. Skin Care - May help to soothe and soften dry skin. You may wish to use it with a carrier oil.

5. Cooking - It can be used in place of fresh Rosemary for a robust flavor like how I used the oils in my cooking.

6. Disinfectant- You can also diffuse to disinfect the air.

Last but not least, it is a good oil to protect your liver! Simply jusy apply over your liver daily ! Love your liver !

After reading through, here's how to join in the giveaway. Simply just follow the following steps:

1. Join One Drop on Facebook ( Optional* only if you would love to learn more about what is going on with using these essential oils.) It's a page for community learning
2. LIKE Xavvy-licious on Facebook
2. Comment on this facebook post with a simple answer on "What is the name of this event and where willl the sales of tickets be donated to?" and tag 3 friends in it. (Its optional to share this post on your personal wall but if you do, that would be great.)
3. I will also be running this giveaway on Instagram too !

Terms and Conditions :
- Contest runs from 22 - 27 November 2016 and ends at 2359 hours.
- Contest is for residents residing in Singapore or if you are from overseas and would be visiting Singapore and at the same time would love to join in. We, One Droppers welcome you to participate in the event !  .
- Any incomplete entries will be disqualified.
- All winners will be notified by email, after winners have been selected.

If you would love to try your luck and increase your winning chances, hop on to:
Mummy Ed
My Oily Fun Scoops

and join their giveaway as well! Find out more about the event line-up and buy your tickets here: http://www.onedrop.sg/joil/

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

Disclaimer: This post does not involved monetary compensation. I am a Young Living Distributor, ID #1470886(Gold Leader) , all opinions are of my own.

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