Thursday, October 6, 2016

[ Homecooked ] $5 - Stir Fry Garlic Clams

Clams is one of our favourite, I have a competitor now. Xav has learnt to eat and has always wanted to order when he sees them at the economical rice stall. Once, I just want to pack the clams and no other dishes just to add on to the porridge I have cooked. I paid $5 for a portion which definately did not satisfy both of our cravings.

It was until I got to know that there was a newly Sheng Shiong Supermarket just right beside Kupang LRT Station (Sengkang West Loop). Life is made easier, I went there one fine afternoon with Xav. We bought 1 kg of clams at just $5 plus to cook for dinner.

The portion of 1 kg was just nice for the two of us. All I need was:
- some ginger (julienned)
- minced garlic (minced up more if you love more garlic)
- spring onion stalks.
- chinese cooking wine
- soy sauce
- sugar
- a little water
- corn flour (optional, use only if you want to thicken the gravy)
- cooking oil

The minced garlic were panfried to golden brown, follow by the julienned ginger, add in the clams, stir fry for a few minutes and add in the rest of the ingredients. Sugar was added last as it  might burnt the dish easily. There is no exact measurement for the condiments used, all are solely by estimation. You mix them till you get the taste you want.

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