Saturday, September 10, 2016

Millennia Kids Challenge 2016

Organised by Sengkang Health, Millennia Kids Challenge 2016 is back and it will be held on 5th November 2016 from 8.30am to 1 pm at Sengkang Sports Centre. We are going to join in the 9km cycling this year !

Registration is now open and you can sign up for either:
(1) 9km cycling
(2) 10 obstacles course (We took part in 2015 and we had a great time!)

Note that registration is FREE for all and you can get a goodie bag and a medal upon completion of the event. Click on this link to register :

Come join in the Millennia Kids Challenge as it creates an opportunity for families and friends to be active. It also teaches the community to lead healthy lifestyles, in a fun and entertaining way.

I could not agree more that cultivation of good habits starts young! I tried to add minimal salt into my cooking and if possible I will use the food natural flavour. Here is a video clip on the danger of high salt intake:
Pretty good to use this to educate the kids !

Do watch the clip on facts and myths of antibiotics, when do we need them and when not, we have to understand and get it right before we can educate our little ones at home so as not to abuse the use antibiotics. If used wrongly, it may do more harm instead. Here's the clip :

Enjoy ! 

You can also visit the social media pages for Sengkang Health.

Facebook: Sengkang Health and website.

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Jessica Chan said...

tks for sharing, serene! sadly, both events are meant for at least 7y.o and above... not sure if it's worth going with princess who is turing 3 years old. can you share you experience attending w vera, if any? :)

xavvy said...


we are joining in the cycling event. She will be seated on the child seat with the dad and enjoy the breeze !

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