Friday, September 16, 2016

Canvas Painting @ TrehausKids [For Age 3-6 & Age 7-10]

Helmed by TrehausKids Lead Facilitator and Art Educator, Ms Jessie Chandran, the weekly art classes happening every Friday (Starting 16 September 2016) is set to immerse young children in the world of modern and contemporary art while picking up core skills in painting techniques, colour mixing and sketching.

During the one week holiday, Xav got to unleash the inner Picasso in him.

In a cosy class, not more than 8 students per class, he learnt to create his own master piece with mentoring from Ms Jessie on how to draw, sketch and colour mixing and painting techniques using acrylic paints. In other lessons, students get to explore different art medium such as water colours and other painting tools.

For younger participants aged 3-4, theme-based art workshops will include storytelling to accompany each session for added inspiration and motivation to get creative. Be all ears on the exciting tales from children's favourite authors such as Eric Carle as well as other famous classics! You can check out about the class for the younger kids at Raising Faith.

Fees for each session: $35 +GST (non members); $20 +GST (Trehaus members*)
Fees for one term of 4 sessions: $120 + GST (non members); $60 + GST (Trehaus members*)

Note the time slot for the respective age group:
3-6 years old : 2pm - 3.30pm
7-10 years old : 4pm - 6pm

Venue: Trehaus Studio
442, Orchard Connect #03-01
Singapore 238879
(Right behind Orchard Delfi)

To sign up or reserve a slot (per session/ per term), just proceed to the reception or call 9843 8077,  24 hours in advance.

All tools, canvas, paints and aprons will be provided and all participants get to go back with their master pieces at the end of the lesson.

My Picasso and his master piece. Try spotting the face ?

For more information and updates, do check out their social media pages:
Facebook: Trehaus Cowork
Website :

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