Friday, September 16, 2016

Canvas Painting @ TrehausKids [For Age 3-6 & Age 7-10]

Helmed by TrehausKids Lead Facilitator and Art Educator, Ms Jessie Chandran, the weekly art classes happening every Friday (Starting 16 September 2016) is set to immerse young children in the world of modern and contemporary art while picking up core skills in painting techniques, colour mixing and sketching.

During the one week holiday, Xav got to unleash the inner Picasso in him.

In a cosy class, not more than 8 students per class, he learnt to create his own master piece with mentoring from Ms Jessie on how to draw, sketch and colour mixing and painting techniques using acrylic paints. In other lessons, students get to explore different art medium such as water colours and other painting tools.

For younger participants aged 3-4, theme-based art workshops will include storytelling to accompany each session for added inspiration and motivation to get creative. Be all ears on the exciting tales from children's favourite authors such as Eric Carle as well as other famous classics! You can check out about the class for the younger kids at Raising Faith.

Fees for each session: $35 +GST (non members); $20 +GST (Trehaus members*)
Fees for one term of 4 sessions: $120 + GST (non members); $60 + GST (Trehaus members*)

Note the time slot for the respective age group:
3-6 years old : 2pm - 3.30pm
7-10 years old : 4pm - 6pm

Venue: Trehaus Studio
442, Orchard Connect #03-01
Singapore 238879
(Right behind Orchard Delfi)

To sign up or reserve a slot (per session/ per term), just proceed to the reception or call 9843 8077,  24 hours in advance.

All tools, canvas, paints and aprons will be provided and all participants get to go back with their master pieces at the end of the lesson.

My Picasso and his master piece. Try spotting the face ?

For more information and updates, do check out their social media pages:
Facebook: Trehaus Cowork
Website :

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Millennia Kids Challenge 2016

Organised by Sengkang Health, Millennia Kids Challenge 2016 is back and it will be held on 5th November 2016 from 8.30am to 1 pm at Sengkang Sports Centre. We are going to join in the 9km cycling this year !

Registration is now open and you can sign up for either:
(1) 9km cycling
(2) 10 obstacles course (We took part in 2015 and we had a great time!)

Note that registration is FREE for all and you can get a goodie bag and a medal upon completion of the event. Click on this link to register :

Come join in the Millennia Kids Challenge as it creates an opportunity for families and friends to be active. It also teaches the community to lead healthy lifestyles, in a fun and entertaining way.

I could not agree more that cultivation of good habits starts young! I tried to add minimal salt into my cooking and if possible I will use the food natural flavour. Here is a video clip on the danger of high salt intake:
Pretty good to use this to educate the kids !

Do watch the clip on facts and myths of antibiotics, when do we need them and when not, we have to understand and get it right before we can educate our little ones at home so as not to abuse the use antibiotics. If used wrongly, it may do more harm instead. Here's the clip :

Enjoy ! 

You can also visit the social media pages for Sengkang Health.

Facebook: Sengkang Health and website.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

[Review + Discount Code] Grand Opening of Supreme Q.X Beauty Art-themed Spa + bSsoul Hydro Detox Treatment (Body)

[Media Invite]

Congratulations to Beauty Queen, Dato IceMichelle, for the grand opening of her second outlet- Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa launched the first luxurious art spa in Singapore, right in the vicinity of the bustling Orchard Road, Pacific Plaza! I had the honour to be invited and witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony and had a tour around the place.

(From left) Me, Dato IceMichelle and Jenn

Combining art and beauty together, clients can continue to pamper themselves with the East-Meet-West Beauty Techniques in this new 1356ft themed outlet. The 7 rooms come in a different theme, allowing the clients to escape into a different realm of appreciating art and beauty while enjoying the spa's signature treatments in improving their health and beauty. Let me bring you around !

(Photo credit: Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa) - Santorini's Aegean Sea

Forest themed room

Golf themed room
Seaside themed room


I had the opportunity try out one of their bSoul Luxe tretments - Bsoul Hydro Body Detox Treatment using their new range of Bsoul products from Tuscany, Italy. bSoul products are 100% eco-friendly and skin friendly.

It's a double win if you can enjoy these quality treatments that combines the benefits of bSoul's all natural ingredients with their award winning TCM beauty techniques.

The ingredients are made from all-natural ingredients devoid of harmful chemicals. You can be sure that  bSoul products are free from the following harmful chemicals:
- No parabens
- No petroleum
- No parafffins
- No silicons
- No PEG
- No animal testing

If you have been buying skincare products without reading the labels. It's not too late to start! A bottle of bSoul Hydra Milk Cleanser was given in the goodie bag. I tried it and simply fall in love with it!

The after cleanse left my face supple and soft, without over drying the skin. I felt the difference in the oiliness on my tzone. Usually by mid noon, my face will start to be oily and "sticky" but just after a use of this amazing cleanser, the oiliness only started to kick in much later in the noon around 4plus.
Okay, I am sold by it ! I had even used it to clean Vera's face (you have to trust natural products without harsh chemicals in it) during our staycation and she was perfectly fine with it.

Back to the my treament, I was ushered into this room with a seaside view !

I felt like I was just in an air-conditioned room with a beach view !

First, the therapist made a check behind me, on my legs and yes you read it right, on my butt. Seriously, all these years I have never bothered to check how my rear looks like. Given my body frame and yes my legs being my biggest asset (no, not my boobs because they were long gone after I breastfed the Xav and Vera) , I have no concerns about other areas except for the stretched marks on the sides of my thighs. That is about all. A lot of women may hate me for this, my concern is actually to put on more weight. No matter how I much I ate, I hardly put on weight except for my tummy.

So the therapist told me I had water retention on my legs, uneven skin tone, sagging skin on my butt (Simply put it this way, my butt has sagged) and protruding veins behind my legs. The next question asked was if I always have late nights. Yes, am guilty of that. There is so much to do yet so little time! After the kids are asleep, thereafter is my ME time! I was told that water retention sufferers are usually late sleepers! So, mummies out there take note !

The therapist began with a leg scrub followed by a body massage with bSoul products.

As she went along the meridian, I felt slight pain and aches and was told that my gall bladder was weak. My right lymphatic node was more swollen than the left (this indicated blockage), calf and a certain point on the butt was more painful than other parts of the body. The therapist could feel the points as they went along. Most of the time, the therapist was pretty spot on on  my problematic areas.

The technique used is to help to brighten up the skin tone as well as to "wake" the muscles for a more perky butt as well as to remove toxins from the body!

The end results? You can see it for yourself, the "Before" and "After". The pictures were took with my phone camera. #NoMeitu #Nofilter

I only cropped off the other side as I'm not so open to show my whole butt here but I think the instant results of the after treatment is shown below:
- a brighter skin tone though it may still looked tanned.
- a more lifted butt for sure (just look at the line) and firmer too!
- a slimmer leg for sure as I went back to try on a pair of shorts where the leg hole (if I did not term it wrongly) for the thigh was tight before I came for this treatment. After this treatment, I felt more room around the hole! I had more free room for my legs without feeling uncomfortable of being wrapped in a pair of tight shorts.

Hydra Detox (Body)  is actually a draining and detoxing treatment which helps the body to remove toxins, excess liquid or general fats when combined with the special MANUAL massage. This treatment reactivates metabolism to ensure long-lasting lipolytic effect Here's how my therapist did the massage for my thigh.

The manual massage was done by the therapist's without any usage of any machines. How awesome is that and it's no wonder Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa gained my trust and I had decided to pay and become their member. I love their techniques and the immediate results they have shown me for the treatments I have done with them.

Review: Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa Womb Care Therapy
Review: Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa Ice's Secret Pure Radiance Facial Treatment

bSoul Hydro  Detox Body Treatment is available in:
30min $188,
60min $376

Be sure to check out their other bSoul treatments :
bSoul Lower Body Water Retention Treatment (Body)
bSoul Magic Shaping Face Treatment

You heard about it, read about it and now, should you want to experience their treatments, this is a good opportunity to have a 30% savings from any package should you be signing up (@Pacific Plaza only). Just quote SQX30N to get the discount.

Terms and Conditions:
- Not applicable to promotional packages.
- Promo code is valid till 11 November 2016.
- Applicable to one package per customer.
- Management reserves the right to amend the specifications of the promotion without prior notice.

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa (NEW outlet) at:
9 Scotts Road,
Pacific Plaza
Singapore228210 (Nearest MRT: Orchard Station)
Main line: 6736 1617

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa is located:
Blk 513 Bishan St 13
#01-510 Singapore 570513
(opposite CPF Board Building)
Main line :6358 3029

Operating hours:
Monday - Friday : 11am- 9 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 11am - 7pm

Website :
Facebook :

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Disclaimer: I was sponsored a treatment for review purpose only with thanks to A.T Marketing and and all opinions are of my own.

Friday, September 2, 2016

[Blogged] Spongebob Run 2016

It has been some time since Xav joined in running events. I used to sign him up for Cold Storage Kids Run but the 800m is usually insufficient for him. He would normally asked for more.

Just a month ago, I took on a challenge for both Xav and myself. We did our first ever 5km run together. To be honest, I felt the jitters as I had stopped running for years. I used to be a cross country runner during school days and had continued to run and trained up for the annual IPPT when I was wearing the blue uniform more than a decade ago.

Ever since I entered parenthood, my running days came to a complete stop. 4 years ago, I remembered trying to jump start my running engine again with just a slow jog around my estate. Guess what? I ended up feeling nausea and had a heavy pounding head! That was my last run ... ...

I was telling some mums who have signed up for Spongebob Run if I would be crawling my way to the ending point! But it was a real surprise !! The cloudy weather was nice without having to be running under the scorching hot sun.

There was a tentage for "Bag Deposit" for runners to deposit their bags at if they did not want to run with them on their backs, firstaid point as well as a tentage for general enquiries.

I felt that it was pretty organised. I met up with the other mom bloggers before we make our way to the starting point.

 It's always nice to run with like-minded mom bloggers who loved to run! Here we are and coincidently I just found out we were all August babies !

From the left: Me, Meiling, Jenn, Edlyn & Jennifer

The run was unfortunately "distrupted" by some runners who obstructed the path by stopped right in the middle of the crowd and sticked their eyes on their mobile phone playing Pokémon Go. Nevertheless, we carried on with our run,  encouraged each other along the way, ran at our pace,

Coping great after 2km !

took time to take photos as we passed by the beach and some life-size cutout boards we came across.

There was a water point for you to rehydrate yourself should you need to drink some water. Spotted some peacooks strutting across the beach as we stopped for a rest to grab a drink.

I have to say that it's not easy to run on the sandy beach. Many a times, I had to tell Xav that it's alright, we would just have to empty out the sand from our shoes after we reached the finishing point.

Xav and I did it ! We unlocked a new milestone and made it there, feeling ever so proud of ourselves and the satisfaction for completing the run without giving up. And I did not have any headache nor felt like throwing up. I guess HYDRATION is the key word and also a very important factor.

Before this run, I have been loading myself with more fluid recently for health benefits. I should have known that my body could have likely to be dehydrated from my last running episode which ended badly.

I am looking forward for more runs for myself and with the family of course and continue on with maintaining running as one of the activities to keep myself fitter and heathier.

As for Xav, I knew that he was tired but he had no complaints for the whole journey. I hope he keeps his perseverance and resilience going through out his life. Here's my proud finisher with his medal! I was teasing him that he gave his two front teeth to Spongbob. =P

Well done, kids !

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

Disclaimer: We were invited to join in the SpongeBob Run 2016, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.
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