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[Review + Discount Code] Floral Garage Sg - DIY Terrarium Kit + Premium Terrarium

Our very first terrarium, built 3 years ago, lasted about 9 months. I did not recreate another one until the lovely folks from Flora Garage Sg asked if I would like to review their newly launched product - DIY Terrarium Kit. Since it was quite a while ago, I thought how nice if I could rope in Vera this time to build it together with her brother and could revise again with Xav on the water cycle with the enclosed terrarium. It's not just about building a terrarium, the kids get to learn something out of it as well.

My first reaction upon seeing the huge box was, "Wow!" because I did not expect it to be that huge. Inside this huge box is actually a Premium DIY Terrarium Kit, which contains all that one needs to build not one BUT two terrariums.

A total of 6 assorted indoor plants, a good quality (pretty thick) glass bowl and a glass jar, a pack of Premium Terrarium Mix, a pack of activated charcoal, 3 packs of decorative pebbles of different colours, a pack of gravel, the mini spray bottle and a set of gardening tools.

Personally, I thought these tools were just of the right size and perfect for the kids to use when working on the terrarium without being oversized for their little hands. But still they were being supervised by myself when they were using the tools.

Premium DIY Terrarium Kit

Some of the potted plants enclosed in the kit.

Within the kit, a step-by-step instruction manual was enclosed with it. It looks pretty clear and simple and I have tasked Xavier to read through and get started on it with really minimal help from me. Then, he started building the open terrarium first while I used my eye power until he asked for help.

Both Xav and Vera had an opportunity to work together in building up the two terrariums. They had to wash the gravels first. No prize for guessing who was the one who ended up playing with water instead of helping with the wash.

Washing the gravels together
On one hand, Xav tried to measure and estimate how much gravel to put in, one the other hand, Vera helped to lay the gravels.

Until he reached the part whereby we needed to loosen the soil. Both of us were infact struggling with it. Xav was very careful as he was afraid that he might break the roots. I did not know either if the whole pot of plant should go into the terrarium or just used a part of it.

During the process, some of the plants were pretty challenging to handle as they started to fall apart. We were at a point asking each other anxiously "how huh, how huh?"  I should have thought about leaving a free "hole" in the centre and place the plant right in after loosening the soil.

Finally, we concluded that the whole pot of plant shall go into the glass bowl. Vera assisted to lay the decorative pebbles.

We could be over flooding this terrarium but the kids were happy with what they have created and even took one of their favourite characters "Tsum Tsum for decorating the finished terrariums. Hence, I just left it as it is. Note that the Tsum Tsum toys are from our own. =p

I actually forgot to take the finished product for the closed terrarium (enclosed glass jar). I guess the plants are surviving well (If you spot the tiny leaves sprouting up in the background) and Mickey is enjoying the daily sauna inside the glass jar such that  Xav had to tell me "Mickey is persipiring!"

2 weeks later

Spot those tiny leaves !

The leftover of terrarium soil, gravels as well as decorating pebbles were far more than enough for two terrariums. I think we could use it to build a few more and no wastage too, we re-potted some of the leftover plants in the mini pot.

If you are a DIY junkie and would love to build one yourself, the DIY Terrarium Kit consists of two different types, mainly:
- Premium DIY Terrarium Kit which you saw.
- DIY Terrarium Kit.

Not just the DIY Terrarium Kit for the DIY junkies, if you do not have green fingers like myself, terrariums are the best if you would love to have some greens in your place, with minimal effort and maintenance. There is also a note on tips for maintaining both the open and closed terrariums that came with the box.

Here is a graphic on tips for maintaining a terrarium (credit to: Floral Garage Sg)

And IF you would prefer the easier way to gift a terrarium to someone. Flora Garage Sg does have ready made terrariums on sale too! You can check out the Succulent/ Cacti & Other Terrariums.

Floral Garage Sg was really nice to send over ready-made Premium Terrarium together with the Premium DIY Terrarium Kit. I gifted it to my mum who is both plant and flower lover. Her eyes beamed and was actually wowing over it when I handed the bowl to her.

It was beautifully arranged and makes a nice centre piece on the table in the living room.

Apart from Terrariums, Floral Garage Sg carries other range of products to gift for all occasions. Some suggestion would be, the Floral Box under Flower and Gift Set as well as if you are planning to throw a birthday bash. they have an array of products specially cater just for the parties.
Check out their party package, party decorfloral decorballoonspinata and party ware

Should you be keen to purchase any of the products, there is a 10% off discount code when you shop online: . Simple enter the discount code: Xavvy10 upon check out.

If you would love to walk in, Floral Garage Sg is located at:
756 Upper Serangoon Road,
Singapore 534626

If you are taking public transport, buses available are: 80, 81, 82, 101, 107, 153
It's 2 to 3 bus stops from Nex Shopping Centre and Serangoon MRT Station (CC13/NE12)

Connect with Floral Garage via:
Facebook : Floral Garage Sg
Instagram : floralgaragesg

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Disclaimer: I received the above for review purpose only. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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