Sunday, July 31, 2016

[Quickfix] Wagyu Beef Burger

I went away on a getaway trip to Hong Kong for 4 days before I returned to start on solo-parenting duties for 2 weeks. The getaway trip sounds like a sweetener ? But I was really thankful to Don for that.

These two weeks, I think I am more efficient than before. I could cook more frequently as compared to days Don was around. Part of the reason is also due the fact that I did not want to "fight" against a cranky Vera in public should she insisted on having her way. I find it pretty draining on myself, hence, I decided to make plans for homecooked meals whenever I can.

One of the days, Xav requested for a beef burger. I always bring him to "Build your own burger" at MacD and it costs me like $12- $15 each meal, depending on what he added in. I decided to give it a try and build our own burger at home.

I went to buy:
- some vegetables,
- sliced cheese
- plain mini burgers (Gardenia)
- wagyu beef patties (Over the counter from NTUC. I bought 2 pieces at $5 plus in all.)
- butter

What I did was to marinate the wagyu beef patty with some seasoning and pan fried it. You decide if you want it fully cooked or half done. I find it pretty nice and NOMU have a range for seafood and other variety.

1. Slice the tomatoes and cucumber, set aside.
2. Cut the mini burgers into half, spread a little butter and pan fried till it's slightly crispy at the edges.
3. Pan fry the marinated beef patty.
4. Build our own burgers with as much ingredients as we want.

For the busy mamas, I guarantee this is fast to prepare, easy to cook and definitely more easy on the pocket.

Verdict: Xav loved it of course and he requested for caramalized onions to go with it the next round! The patty was tender and juicy. We are going to get it again the next round !

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