Wednesday, July 13, 2016

[Media Invite] The City @ I12 Katong

You read about my experience to Kidzania Singapore ? Personally I feel that it is more suitable for pre-schooler and above and they will appreciate it more.  So what about the younger children?

The City may be familiar to some mums or it might sounds like a new place for new mums with young toddlers. If you have heard about The City @ Liang Court, families staying in the East of Singapore can now rejoice over the opening of a spanking new outlet @ I12 Katong ! The barely one month old outlet drew a pretty good crowd when I visited!

For young toddlers or children below 5 who love to pretend play, I would think The City would be a better option to start them off with as the little ones do not need to stay in queue. The pretend play does not limit the children to just stay in that area.

Cashiers, Grocer, Doctors, Nurses, Policeman and even Super Heroes with the outfits made available at different stations without having to bear with the long queue!

Here's one cool Captain America checking out the supermarket! 

Spotted him at the nearby café drooling over the bakes!

Simply dress up in your favourite Superheroes or characters!

This area allows the children to build with gigantic, colourful foam blocks !

For a change of role, he decided to be a police officer next and roamed around on his "car". 

Mr Policeman on patrol !

Meanwhile for being someone who loves to pretend play, The City is great for the coming 3 year old Vera! I brought her into the clinic area. But she was not interested to treat the dolls and made her escape to the streets.

Caught her still in doctor's coat with an orange balloon instead.

Yes, she saw food and transform herself into a cook, learning some life skills on serving, skewing "food" chunks into the wooden skewers to heating up a croissant in a microwave. My little cook here could be probably be more concern and happier if the croissant could be eaten!

Ready to serve !

My happy server

At times, she preferred to be a customer, sat down and "savour" her food. By the way, she is a food lover in reality.

Supermarket was her other favourite station. You could spot vegetable that looked so real for the little shoppers to shop.

Vera got to see how a durian looked like !

Even the Superheros did their grocery shopping and was telling each other the secret of staying fit and healthy is to eat more bananas perhaps? =p

She went along to shop her favourite bananas and carted them into cute, child-size shopping trolley.

One thing I like about the supermarket section was, they used recycled packaging to display on the shelves. I feel that it was great to for the children to associate with real life items.

Vera was at a point carting cartons of milk into her trolley,

Vera, the happy shopper  !

then I guessed she changed her mind and I observed her to be putting them back to the same category instead of chucking them onto other shelves.

There was a Post Office but I hardly see kids in that space. Perhaps the stamps and envelops could be re-stationed over there? Or have someone to explain to them the task of a postman would be great.

Parents can rest at the resting area while the kids are at play.

The City, let the kids' imagination run and play! There is no restriction on how they should play! A great place for the parents and kids' to bond over role playing!

Thank you The City @ I12 Katong for having us. We had a blast until both Xav and Vera were so reluctant to leave the place! We will be back !

The City @ Katong is located at:
112 East Coast Road
#03-31 i12 Katong
Singapore 428802
Operating hours: 10am - 7pm

Tel: 64441520

Admission rates:
Adult: FREE
Babies (Under 1 yr old is FREE if accompanied by a paid sibling)
Child (2 yrs and above) : $22 SGD

*Unlimited play on weekdays
*Limited to 2 hours of play on Weekends/ School Holidays / Public Holidays

Note that socks must be worn by all adults and children in the playground else socks can be purchased over the counter. For more information on membership and packages, click here.
Instagram: The City Singpore
Website :

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Disclaimer: We received a media invitation to The City @i12 Katong, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of mine.


Madeline Heng said...

Woo they've opened a new outlet! We've only been to the Liang Court one. Looks exactly the same.

xavvy said...

@ Madeline: yes exactly the same! Difference is everything is new and no worn down or torn wall papers =)

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