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[ Review & Giveaway] Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash

I remembered when  I was a child, my mum used a golden earpick to clean my ears by digging out solidified earwax. Yes, big pieces of earwax would be out but at the expense of enduring occasional pain when the pick went too deep in. Sounds dangerous?

Basically, what is earwax ? Earwax comes in three types:
Semi-liquid consistency – typically found in children and babies
Solid consistency – typically found in adults and the elderly
Hard consistency – also found mainly in adults and the elderly

and it's made up of a mixture of skin exfoliation, skin proteins, minerals, secretions sebaceous and ceruminous glands and fatty acids. Having excessive earwax can press against the eardrum or block the outside ear canal or hearing aids, potentially causing hearing loss.

The second most commonly used, quick and easy method - cotton bud. I am guilty of this because all I need to do is to insert into the ear canal, clean and throw! But do you know that using of cotton buds may actually push wax deeper into the ear, thus producing a blockage. 

There were a few occasion when I felt dampness in my ears and my pillow case was stained right in the middle of the night. Likely an ear infection ? I did not know, I used my own natural remedy until it went off on its own, along side with the usage of cotton bud to help soak up the fluid in my ear. But I still do experience occasional itch in the internal of my ears, until I was introduced to AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash- the safer alternative to ear cleansing.

Personally, I felt that it is better to use AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash during shower. AUDICLEAN had an otoscope shaped ear nozzle, specially designed to the shape of the ear to safely and comfortably deliver its gentle, naturally cleansing wash.

All I did was :
1. Attach nozzle on top of the bottle by pressing it gently into place.

1. Gently insert the nozzle into my ear
2. Depress for 1 second with my head upright and leave it to act for 10 seconds and by tilting my head to one side thereafter to allow the wash to drain out before drying with a towel.

Photo credit : Audiclean

I felt coldness in my ear during the dispensing of the wash but rest assured that the jet of wash was really gentle with no pressure at all as the soft, circular spray delivered the wash to the ear while avoiding contact with the sensitive eardrum. The overall experience was simple and great !

3. Rinse nozzle with hot water before repeating on the other ear and after usage.

Why use AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash?
- It's chemical-free, 100% Sea Serum, naturally derived isotonic solution with no preservatives, sterile formula, rich in bicarbonates that helps to soften and dissolve earwax.

- It is created from seawater that is harvested from the crystal clear waters off Saint-Malo on the west coast of France. The tides in this region are among the strongest in the world, constantly enriching the pure waters with natural mineral salts.

- It is manufactured using a patented and unique technology developed by the world-leading marine biotechnology specialists, Laboratoire de la Mer. The process purifies and sterilizes the seawater while adapting its composition for optimal efficacy and tolerance.

- Tested and recommended by the ENT (Ear, Nose& Throat) Specialist

- Suitable for children (above 6 months old), adults and people with peanut allergies.

All the more I am going to start using, especially so for Xav.  I have never clean his ears before. AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash would be good to start him with as he is frequently submerging his ears in water due to his twice a week swimming lessons. This is one factor which may contribute to increased wax production in the ears.

AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash works in conjunction with AUDICLEAN Ear Wax Remover to evacuate debris of ear wax. It effectively removes ear wax without causing irritation to the ear canal. It is recommended to use AUDICLEAN Ear Cleansing Wash as daily regime to prevent the build up of earwax.

Both products are available at Guardian pharmacies, Unity pharmacies, as well as Watsons lifestyle stores.

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Disclaimer : I received a unit of the product for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved. All opinions are of my own.


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