Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our story to the kids - "How I Met Your Father"

Recently, some of you would have read about the famous "Cardboard Police", Ryan getting hitched with his other half from the force on the social media feed ? I was teasing Don that I married a "poster boy" too. Back then at my former Divisional HQ, there was a huge banner stand with an image of him, displayed right at the ground floor where some exhibits were on displayed.

It was during the "Friendster" era where all our pictures were loaded there and now that it's gone. I shall go to my hard disk when I am available to check if the pictures were saved. I managed to find the one and only picture of us taken in 2006 when we were testing out a camera during a roadshow.

Nope the kids have yet to ask how I met their father, I guess Xav would have guess it right. So here I am, hopping on the blog train hosted by The Chill Mom, Michelle.

The Chill Mom

Especially for Xav and Vera, this is the story of "How I met your father" :
For the first time, I met him in my service,
For the first time, I met him in blue.
For the first time, I found him really approachable,
For the first time, I found him really warm and non pretentious.
For the first time, we were colleagues in the same division.
For the first time, I could not fathom why,
he told me to address him as "Uncle Don".

For that first three years, we were nothing more than colleagues,
For that first three years, we led our own lives,
For that once in a blue moon, we would call on each other via sms to see if everything's fine.

Three years later, we bumped into each other and exchanged a hi-bye.
Some time shortly, he sent me a sms asking how was I ?
I replied to him that everything's fine.
I casually asked if he was married (Assuming uncle would have settled down after three years),
I was told to get him a partner before he could do so.

It was this time we knew that we found out that we were both back to singlehood.
It was this time, we became friends.
It was on one of the dinner dates we went back and couldn't fall asleep.
It was the first (and the last time) we went over night prawning.
It was the first time, I got a gift from him (A huge cola glass bottle because he knew that I was hunting all around for it.)
It was the uncertainty that was there and kept us hanging neither here or there.

It was then he told me he was going for a trip,
It was that period that seemed to be a test?
It was those few days he left me felt like having something to look forward to,
with that string of SMS.
It was an unknown force that pulled me to the airport,
It was shortly thereafter, through a SMS yet again, we decided to get together.

It was a short 1.5 years of dating,
It was a casual chat on marriage.
It was a mutual agreement and we could not even remember when,
we decided to just stay together. (He actually got away with a formal proposal =P)

Till date we still keep and honour our vows to each other, it has been a lovely journey of 9 years (coming this July). I thank your daddy for all his love !

At the next stop of this blog train, we will be visiting Danessa Foo at PrayerFull Mum.

"A lot of friends and relatives were curious about our love story when we told them about our life partners. Even Yasmin is curious... want to know why? Read on to find out as we retold our love story to my 5-year old, "Baby, This Was How I Met Your Father"."

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mAy said...

Sooo cute! You married a poster boy! Awww I love being in courtship. Reading yours makes me happy!

Michelle Hon said...

Oh, those sleepless nights wondering whether a boy likes you back were the best! Hahaha... Have you found out why he told you to call him 'Uncle Don'?

Michelle @ The Chill Mom

~Summer~ said...

Awww so sweet. Fate brought u all together!! :) love reading such stories, thanks for sharing (though I knew already, haha!)!

~Summer~ said...

Awww so sweet. Fate brought u all together!! :) love reading such stories, thanks for sharing (though I knew already, haha!)!

Serene Seah said...

@Summer: Lol! Thanks for leaving a comment despite having to know the story already. =) Have to agree it's fated hahaa he owed me in his past life maybe haaha!

Serene Seah said...

Thanks May!lol it all started when I asked if he knew the cardboard police. He tot I was idolizing him lah! Then I gotta made him recall that he was once a poster boy for his dhq mah hahaaa!

Serene Seah said...

@Michelle lol yes after we got together because he was 6 years older than me whahaa! But he sure looks younger than me, thanks to the high volume of exercises. Think I should get my butt moving!

Sweet Memoirs said...

I had a good laugh at the Uncle Don part, haha! Mine got away with a formal proposal too, it was just a casual ok, let's get married! :D

natty said...

Very sweet story! Hahaha so funny! My hubby also asked me to find him one when I asked why he wasn't married! Hehhe

xavvy said...

@Sweet Memoirs : lols !! Very shuang kuai !!

@Natty : Thanks ! lolss so both of you ended up together ?! Are you on the blog train too ? I wanna read your story !

missuschewy said...

UNCLE DON?! OMG i almost LOL-ed. Hahahahahaha got so old meh?!

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