Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cooking with the basic condiments

Come to the point where I felt really sick of eating out, especially when the "menu" was being rotated like almost on a daily basis, on what to buy for our lunch and dinner, from the mall opposite my block.

I kept wanting to cook wanton soup for the longest time but I did not managed to find a time to wrap them. At the same time,  I was craving for my mum's stir fry roast pork in the sweet, dark soy sauce as well. Since it was a Saturday, thankful for not having the need to perform solo parenting (it's like finally!) and we decided to stay and relax at home while I plan for the dinner. Just some basic condiments used for the dishes below :
Light Soy Sauce
Dark Soy Sauce
Sesame oil

So I decided to wrap the wantons. I made a change this time round. I bought this brand of wanton pastry to try out instead of the usual yellow skin. I felt that this tasted so much better, at least no alkaline taste and pastry is thinner and smoother. The cons of it, it may break easily if you wrapped the wantons and leave it aside, the pastry will "melt" and stick onto the plate. Coat the plate with some corn flour if you have.

No special ingredients, just minced pork and prawns, mixed with pepper, light soy sauce and sesame oil. I sealed the pastry with a water and throw them into the pot of stock. When the wantons start to float, it means they are cooked ! Sprinkle some chopped spring onions and a dash of pepper before serving.

Wanton soup

I cheated here, totally have no time to make my own roast pork from scratch. I bought a slab of roasted pork belly over the counter from NTUC, sliced them up into strips.

Over the pan, I added dark soy sauce and sugar, let it simmer till gravy thickens. No measurement of how much to use but I go with my instinct. Sprinkle some sesame seed before serving. The outcome was, the taste reminded me of the sweet pork my mother-in-law always cook. Win - win ! This is confirmed one of the comfort food for me and  goes along well with rice or a bowl of piping hot, plain porridge.

Roasted Pork in dark soy sauce

I kept a small portion of the roasted pork strips and stir fry it with the French beans. I do not like the idea of allowing Vera to take the second dish as there were sugar content in it. So here it is, this is cooked for her in mind.

Minced some garlic, pan fried it till golden brown. Add in the French beans and stirred fry with light soy sauce to taste. The roast pork can be a little salty from some stalls, so go easy with the light soy sauce. Add in the roast pork strips, give a fry to mix them into the beans and you are ready. Do not overcooked the french beans, it's nice to have them crunchy when they go into your mouth.

For first timers who are new to cooking, I find that these are pretty straight forward to try. =)

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Anonymous said...

Love these easy and quick ideas. I am always having a headache as to what to cook! Maybe I will try doing the dumplings with noodles!

xavvy said...

@mummyed : I have not been cooking for a long time until the "feel" came hhahaha ! To save time, freeze some in the freezer for a quick meal next time =)

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