Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[Quickfix] Pig Liver Soup

This was one of the many soups I drank quite often when I was a child as I was anaemic then. Pretty simple to prepare with less than 10 mins of cooking time. I was surprised, it was quite a hit with both Xav and Vera.

Just simply wash the liver under running water, until it is less bloody, slice them up and do remember to remove the white membrane in them as it is pretty hard to chew on it.

Marinate with :
- light soy sauce
- pepper
- sesame oil
- chinese cooking wine
- salt

I omitted everything except for light soy sauce for Vera as she is still under a pretty strict diet due to her latest eczema flare which I will share later.

Julienne the ginger.

Fry them in the pot if you want to have a nice aroma of ginger. But I just threw it into the pot and bring to boil before I added the liver.

Do note not to overcook it as liver will be cooked pretty fast and it will not taste nice if it is being overcooked.

Benefits of having this dish :
- Increase your red blood cells count if you are anaemic. You can observe if you are often tired and easily out of breath. A pretty good source to get your iron supply from beans and meat to help the body produce adequate healthy red blood cells. A simple and easy soup for pregnant mums especially.
- One of the richest sources of natural vitamin A, which helps promotes healthy tissues and skin.
- It helps with strengthening of our immune system, especially for kids kids.

But do note as well that too much of organ meat can result in high cholesterol. So take in moderation for adults who have high cholesterols.

Try stir frying the liver slices too for a different dish !

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