Thursday, November 5, 2015

DIY Mini Playground

A pack of sand, a few empty toilet roll holders, some washi tapes, a group of trashies = unlimited imagination for pretend play for Vera + mummy gets some quiet moments. 

Like two months ago, Dear bought Vera some packs of sand similar to that of Kinetic Sand. No thanks to the haze, we stayed indoors most of the days and I decided to make a mini playground for Vera since she loves it so much, especially the slide.

Sand & some empty toilet roll holders

I cut one of the shorter holder into half to make a see-saw and taped it up with my washi tapes. I love to add on colours to the holders to make it more colourful.

Alternatively, you can choose to either :
- keep it bare as it is OR
- do some painting with your little one (Use brush or get them to paint the holders with their finger prints)

Using one brad secure the strip (where the trashies were seated on) to the top of the halved toilet roll holder. The bottom could be imagined as a tunnel for the trashies to crawl through.

 DIY Mini see-saw
Let's play !!

Here comes the swing. Using two straws, shorten the straw by snipping off from the lower part. The upper part  which can be bent to a "right angle". Connect the top part by inserting the straw into another. Cut a slit at the end so that you can flatten it and stick it onto a base.

It can be quite flimsy, I have yet to figure out a way to make it stronger though. The remaining half of the empty toilet roll I halved earlier, I cut 1/3 of it and punched four tiny holes at each corner and tied
the twines to it.

 DIY Mini swing

This was one most well like by Vera. I cut a U-shape on one empty holder and halved another so that I can slot it in as shown below to create the slide.

DIY mini slide
Please do not expect everything to be well and intact after the kids play with them unless they can play well without destroying anything. If you don't mind the hassle to "fix" them back, this diy playground can be quite fun !

Go create your own playground with the recycle materials found at home !

Here I linked back to some crafts you can make using other recycled materials ;
- DIY Foam Roller Stamps
- DIY Sail Boat
- Minions Stationery Holder
- DIY Spaceship Lantern

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