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The dramatic 25 & 26 months old

The toddler stage, a stage with loads of fun , loads of cries and loads of dramatic moments. This is the  drama-mama of  mine at her 25 & 26 months. She starts to say "Heylo , Hi !"

Crying or Laughing ? Drama-mama @ 26 months

Pretending to cry

Poke like this to get deeper dimples

Vera's killer stare

See where did I hid the mini pau ?

The aunty version of Vera

This picture here may earn her some sympathy points with her tears streaming and yet she can still give her pout lol ! I know am bad but I can't help taking a picture of how she reacted to after being scolded by me.

And not forgetting her beautiful smiles.


Which girl doesn't love to doll up ? Her daddy dearest got her, her first set of Hello Kitty accessories.

Vainpot @ 25 months

The picture with korkor below is indeed a priceless shot. She seems to be telling "eeehhh korkor, please go and have your shower before kissing me!"

But I tell you she is really sweet, everyday without fail, when she hears me opening the door from outside, she knows that Koror is back with me and she will run to the door, greet us excitedly "hi korkor, hi mummy !" and jumps up and down happily, giving us her biggest hug.

She will do the same to her daddy dearest too !

She loves to put on my sunnies whenever she sees me wearing my pair.

I am secretly hoping that she can be an avid reader like Xav. Hence, am slowly introducing her picture books. She loves these big books and extremely hearts this particular copy. She flips herself when I am busy but she will come "mummy, I want read ! Book!"

Vera tends to look at the illustrations, the expressions of the people and animals. I realized that she tends to feel for that character and tried to act out

Vera & her giant book

One of the books which I loaned from the library with really nice illustrations. I believe in exposing young readers with a lot of pictures. It just like showing them the world around them using pictures.

She loves to identify body parts now. Any of your little one into this now ? I'm teaching her mandarin more than English. A total opposite of how I taught Xav. She takes it better and seems to be more bilingual as compared to Xav at this age.

She loves give a little poke in our belly button, gave a little "owww" and if you echoed back "ouch", she will give a little laugh and gave a kiss on our belly buttons.

She can identify : head, hair, ears, eyes, eyelash, nose , mouth, hands, legs, teeth and tongue.
She can say : hair, eye, nose, maw (mouth), bearbear (belly)

Her top favourite will be eating. Anytime she sees food, she will shout in delight "yam yam ! I want eat, I want eat ! " Her chanting goes on until food is given to her.

Don't think of feeding her if she decides to feed herself. You will never have a chance to touch her spoon. Perhaps this is the difference between someone who loves to eat and someone who don't love to eat. Both Xav and Vera are totally in contrast in this aspect.

On good days, she can self feed herself with really minimal mess. Maybe it's a girl's thing that they will tend to be less messy ? She can usually do without a bib and she understands when we gave her instructions like :
- keep your head over the bowl/plate so that  the food will not drop out of the plate
- hold onto the plate
she will try her best to carry out the instructions. But this mummy here may sound like a broken recorder when you hear my constant reminders to her.

Self-feeding @ 25months

Happy with her corns
Her favourite food will be the one you hear most often : Bread / Mian Bao (In Chinese) , apple, melon (usually refers to water melon), cake, nana (banana), vege (vegetable).

She loves piggy rides ! At times, she will just plop onto my back and tell me "mummy, kiki, kiki" (meaning piggy ride)

She really loves animals ! Especially dogs ! To the extent when we were out one day, she saw a dog and told me " I want dog !" and wanted me to chase after the dog so that she can touch it. She will make the sound of the following : quack, meow, woof, roar , neigh, tweet, baa baa, pawoo,

She can pronounce : Bear, Duck, Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird, Monkey, Crab.

She is also nuts about crabs ! She will make me walk to the section in NTUC, where there used to be live crabs where the seafood section is and got upset initially when they removed the crabs. Now, she takes it better and will tell me "No more crabs."

At the Tze Char stalls, she never failed to ask us to bring her to the tank and "disturb" the crabs. Since she is so into crabs, I actually saw this hand painting idea on pinterest and got her to paint hers to make a crab.

Hi 5 !
In fact, the thought of documenting down the date of her masterpieces came into my mind. Hence, I used Dear Lizzie's date stamp and made a stamp on the painting. Good way to document down the size of Vera's palm at her 26 months too.
Vera's handprints, dated 6/10/2015 @26 months

Vera's hand painting of a Crab

As for transportation, she will tell us : car, train, truck, basii (bus). I find it really amusing with her basii as I highly think that she is trying to say that in mandarin which is known as "ba shi"

She greets us : Daddy, Mummy, Korkor, Porpor, Yi (yiyi), Ma mah (grandmother), Gonggong, Gugu, Ang-ker (Uncle), E-na (Edna cousin)

In terms of speech, am sure she is not ahead nor on par with peers of her same age. I'm trying to manage my time and engage her more by singing and talking more to her. Reason being, the GP told me that she has signs of speech delay. I am still keeping her under my own observation. Hoping to see things get better by the time she is at 30 months old.

I look forward for more milestones to be unlocked by Vera but at the same time, not looking forward for her to grow up so fast.

Stay healthy and keep your smiles always with you my little gal. Another 7 more days to turn 27 months. =)

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