Friday, October 16, 2015

"The Deep" - Family Fridays @ Artscience Musuem

Xav has been bugging me for the longest time to visit "The Deep" exhibition at ArtScience Museum. It gets pretty tricky as I did not want to squeeze with the crowd on weekends and weekdays seem ever so tricky due to the timing. He ends school at 1.30pm, by the time he showers and takes his lunch, we probably reach town around 4pm?

Then again, I decided to just wait for a weekday to visit (preferably a Friday and a no-school day perhaps) else it is still going to be a rush one as he has evening class on Fridays.

Her 1st visit to ArtScience Museum

"The Deep" exhibits extremely rare specimens and were preserved in formalin. Hence, what we saw were exactly how they looked like with no changes to their natural colour.

Here are some of the exhibits:

You must be wondering why would I want to visit ArtScience Musuem on a Friday? Do you know that there is an on-going promotion for Family Fridays ? Parents can now save more, with every paying adult, you get to bring in 4 children (Under the age of 12 yr old) for FREE. On top of that, every Friday, they have a guided tour at 3.30 pm. How nice !

What I did was, I went early to purchase the tickets and registered for the guided tour. Inside the exhibition area was really dark. Young toddlers may not like it but Vera seems pretty fine with me carrying her.

It was really crowded and I told Xav to stay with the guided tour while I walked through the exhibition with Vera. Was glad that the guided tour did fed him with much information as compared to reading the tiny descriptions on the labels on his own and some were too high for his height to reach.

There are packages available for entry to other exhibitions too. Do check out with the counter. "The Deep" is ending the 27th October 2015, go catch it before it is over.

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