Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tattoos + wooden blocks = DIY wooden puzzle

Having lots of leftover tattoos from the party and goodie bags or from the NDP packs which have not been utilized? Don't throw them away !

The concept is similar those of rub-ons. Use these leftover tattoos and go find some wooden blocks you have at home and make them into puzzles.

Materials :
wooden blocks
Gesso - white (optional unless you want to paint your blocks to get a white background)

Decide on how you would like to design your puzzle. Peel off the clear backing and position it facing down on the block. Use a wet cotton pad and dab the back of the tattoo. Use your finger nails or a coin if you want to and "scratch" on the back of the sheet.

Here is a simple two piece puzzle for Vera and thankful to have found a sheet of tattoos from NDP 2014 goodie pack and happy of course because Singa is among the designs found. Vera is so into Singa recently, this is a bonus !   

I layer with varnish to give a proper seal to the tattoo so that it can last longer.

DIY 2 piece puzzle 

I tried making another set with the finger tattoos I have. Objective of the game is to match the animals to the correct bottoms. I got the tattoos on both sides of the blocks.

All mixed up !

These two pieces are going into my diaper bag !

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Anonymous said...

I am going to try this! I was thinking how I can make sure of the many tattoos we have at home! Thanks for sharing!

- Joyce

xavvy said...

Hi Joyce,

thanks for reading. =) May not get the most perfect puzzle but definitely it puts the leftovers into good use. =) Happy DIY !


~Summer~ said...

Good idea and thanks for sharing, Serene! This will put those tattoos to good use! Haha. =) Hope V has fun playing with them!

xavvy said...

Most welcome, Summer ! Yes one heap from Xav's 4th year old party ! Imagine I kept them for 3 years =p

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