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[Review + Discount Code] Make a difference with NooTrees !

The weeks of smogs and haze that we have been facing and suffering over the weeks, is a result of deforestation. When old forests are torn down and not only we lose the oxygen the trees were producing, but the carbon of the plant life and trees is often released into the atmosphere through burning (clearing), is known as black carbon, or carbon emissions.

Do you know that each day 27,000 trees are being cut down in the wood industry just to make toilet paper ? Perhaps you might change your mind about using toilet papers after reading the article and would probably immediately have in mind to support NooTrees with their newly-launch range of eco-friendly products. It's cool to care while you use these eco-friendly products!

NooTrees (pronounced: /noh-treesː/) newly-launched range of bamboo-fibre tissue paper and wet wipes not only present a viable solution to the larger environmental issue, but are also stronger, naturally hypo-allergenic, and more biodegradable than its polyester-based equivalent. It's wet wipes are able to degrade in about 45 days in the landfill, compared to years taken by conventional polyester-based wet wipes.

NooTrees range of products

NooTrees® Bamboo Hand Face Family Wet Wipes, made from spun-lace bamboo fibre, containing botanical extracts that make the wipes hypo-allergenic and soft on the skin. I love that it comes in three sizes:
- Family wipes for everyone in the family when we travel,
- Pocket wipes to lighten the diaper bag,
- Travel wipes perfect to slip into my handbag when I am out alone without the kids.

NooTrees® Bamboo Hand Face Family Wet Wipes

Other than its own brand of wet wipes and tissue paper products, NooTrees carries baby-friendly
Bumboosa 100% Bamboo baby wipes too! Here's my babe checking out and let me share with you why am I liking it.

Bum Boosa , something new !

First, I like that it is hypoallergenic, alcohol- free, paraben-free, phthalate-free & sulphate-free ! It's gentle on the baby's skin with it's organic aloe vera content, calendula and chamomile extract and naturally scented with lavender & sweet orange essential oils. It has a light, pleasant scent when I pulled out the sheets.

Second, the packaging comes with a protection lid. I prefer this to the sticky stick-on cover which will lose it's stickiness after a period.

Thirdly, the quality of the wipes ! Below pictured Bumboosa baby wipes and Brand X of what I am currently using. Same amount of force to pull apart, was being used on the two different brands. Bumboosa baby wipes were so much more durable than the current brand which I am currently using.

Bumboosa Baby Wipes

Brand X

And ladies are you ready for the next ? I totally fell in love with this range when I tried it out ! I'm so going to cart this as part of my make up remover and getting a clear, refreshed looking skin!

NooTrees® Cleansing Treatment Wipes with Eco-Dot© Technology

NooTrees® Cleansing Treatment Wipes with Eco-Dot© Technology, a range of three textured wipes with special biodegradable exfoliating dots:
o Aqua Skin© moisturising wipes with added hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A & E and Omega 3 & 6;
o Spa Skin©  with added essential oils for relaxation;
o Age Impact© anti-ageing wipes with added Q10, peptides and antioxidants.

I have combination skin and usually by mid day, my forehead will shine. Now, it's so convenient and handy ! I will slip either one of the packs below into my handbag. It's just like having a spa on-the-go! My face feels totally refreshed and clean after using to wipe off the shine, especially when I need to remove my make up while am out.

Spa Skin cleaning wipes did a great job without the need to have a bottle of make up remover with me and unlike other make up removing sheets which I tried before that left my face feeling oily. With the usage of  NooTrees® Cleansing Treatment Wipes, no more

When I opened and pulled out the sheet, I was like wow-ing over the textured sheet, filled with tiny dots. You will see different coloured sheets for the three different packs.
The textured dots gave me a feel of a gentle scrub as I wiped away the make-up on my face. I gave my two thumbs up for it. I even use it as my night cleaning before I go to bed.

Other products range includes:
NooTrees® Facial Tissue, made from highly absorbent, 100% biodegradable, sustainable and BPA-free virgin bamboo pulp;
NooTrees® Toilet Tissue, similar to facial tissues, but made from higher quality BPA-free virgin bamboo Eco-Luxe pulp;

After reading about the products, so what's about the bamboo ?
- Bamboo a grass and the fastest growing plant on the earth. Ready for its first harvest in as little as eighteen months after first planting, unlike a tree which will take around 25 to 30 years.

- Being a grass and not a tree bamboo is also self regenerating. It also produces 35-40% more oxygen than the preferred tree of the wood pulp industry (Fir tree) as well as being upremely hypoallergenic naturally.

- Most importantly, it does not require planting in grade A arable lands - so leaving these free for the other main uses needed by mankind. Bamboo will grow in degenerated lands spaces, on mountainsides and in areas where trees cannot grow any more due to soil erosion over years.  (Read more about it)

NooTrees products are in all major retailers nationwide, as well as on their online store at from 1st October 2015.

Do check them out on Facebook: NooTrees for their latest updates too !

Keen to get the products ? NooTrees is offering a 20% discount for your purchases if you key in the promo code: XAVVYGREEN upon checking out. You will still be entitled for FREE SHIPPING if your total purchase exceeds SGD $50 after utilising the discount. The discount code will be valid for a month from the date of this posting.

Let's not wait if you can do your part in making a difference while you get some savings for your purchases.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

Disclaimer : I received the products from NooTrees for review purposes and 5% will be a added into the kid's education funds from your support.

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