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{Review} Award-winning Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment by One Beauty Spa

"Gua Sha" (刮痧) therapy is a healing technique commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), using a round edged instrument. Personally, I knew it can be done on the back and face but I have never knew that "Gua Sha" can be used for eye treatments too until I was invited by One Beauty Spa to try out their award-winning "Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment" - Depuffing.

One Beauty Spa is one award winning spa ! It gives a very relaxing feel the moment I stepped into the unit. I associated the purplish ambience to Lavender, which calms the mind and body.

There were lockers provided to keep our belongings in and the key string onto our wrist after cubicle was locked as well as a grooming area for you to keep your hair in place after the session.

The awards received by One Beauty Spa

Initially, I was supposed to do Tribo-Effleurage (face massage) but Irene (Therapist) did a cleanse on my face and further assessed that my dry, peeling cheeks due to Seborrhoeic dermatitis will not be suitable to carry out Tribo-Effleurage (Read the review from Amazinglystill) as it may aggravate the affected area. I was advised to do the Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment instead and I get to experience GuaSha on my eyes which is similar to  that of the face massage. I love how she paid attention to the facial condition before carrying out any treatment. One big LIKE for this !

Basically, with a unique fusion combination of East-meets-West techniques, the Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment is a 3-in-1 that offers a superb combination for Lymphatic Eye massage, Eye Gua Sha and Radio Frequency Eye Treatment. 

Lymphatic Eye Massage
A great detox massage for the eye that helps to stimulate the lymph nodes around the eyes with gentle, rhythmic massaging strokes which helps to eliminate excess fluid and toxins and cell regeneration, thereby helps in healing and support of the immune system. 

Eye Gua Sha
Using TCM Gau Sha Therapy, a healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine, it involves stimulation where the skin is pressured, in strokes, by a round-edged instrument.  This technique helps to remove blood stagnation or 'Qi' around the eye, regulate blood circulation and helps to soothe tired eyes, restoring brightness around the eye.   

Radio Frequency Eye Lift Therapy
Radio Frequency increases the tissue temperature to give deeper penetration of products and better simulation of collagen. Watch the area around the eyes transform immediately as they
become brighter and younger-looking. A highly effective treatment that promises instant lifting results.  Excellent for fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags.

The magic of the "Magic Pot" ! Of all the eye treatments I went before, this is quite unusual. Usually, ball bearings tools are used to massage the area around the eyes.

But magic pot "irons" out the fine lines around the eye using gentle suctions. Especially those at the eye bags !

After ironing out the lines, Irene used a rounded edge tool and started the guasha around my eyes. I did have a few concerns about this; what if the delicate skin around the eye is being scrapped or would it be painful ?

I expected some discomfort when this was carried out BUT nope ! I did felt some "aches" on the bony area of my tired eye when Irene was working on it yet at the same time it was really gentle and soothing. The process was so comfortable that I was trying to keep myself awake.

This is not some elixir technology that you can see major changes but it did showed INSTANT result in just one session. I did it on my left eye first so that I can compare the before and after appearance. It's not very significant but if you compare the two pictures closely, I find that the puffiness of my left eye has reduced and the appearance of the left eye was brighter.

Having said that, I need to be more discipline and change my late nights to earlier nights !

My tired eyes from all the late nights (before treatment)

Puffiness of my left eye was reduced . (Refer to right of the pic)
Using the best techniques available to improve blood circulation, reduce water retention and puffiness around the eyes, this treatment also helps to nourish and lift and skin around eye area.   Great for dark eye ring, eye bags, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines.  

After I was done with snapping the before and after, make a guess ? Irene told me to enjoy the remaining treatment and I can just sleep if I want. It was like within seconds, I drifted off to lalaland, without knowing while Irene was doing guasha for my right eye. Nearing to the end, I could felt the warm and comfy eye mask being placed onto my eyes before I drifted back to sleep again.

When Irene was removing the eye mask for me, she commented that I fell asleep pretty fast ! How a soothing eye massage can resulted in a quick and restful moment. I am thankful for it.

The duration for Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment is 60 mins and at $168 per session. Good news for all who wish to try this treatment, One Beauty Spa is offering this award-winning treatment at  $28 for a trial session ! Promotion will be of immediate effect and will last till end of Dec 2105 ! Don't wait, pamper your tired eyes now !

When you are making your trial booking, quote "Xavvylicious" or Serene's Readers if it's easier for you to remember to get the special trial price.

One Beauty Spa has their outlets at the following location :

14 Liang Seah Street (Opp. Bugis Junction) ,
Singapore 189035
(BUGIS) 6338 4979
Mon to Sat 11am - 9pm
Alternate Sun 11am - 8pm
Email :

Blk 848 Sims Avenue, 
#01-724 Singapore (400848 )
(Opp. Eunos MRT, next to Kampong Ubi CC)
EUNOS 6841 4140
Mon to Fri 11am - 9pm
Sat 10am - 8pm
Sun 10am - 7pm
Email :

For more information, kindly visit: .

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Disclaimer: I was invited by One Beauty Spa for a complimentary treatment. No monetary compensation is involved, all opinions are of my own.

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