Thursday, October 15, 2015

Letters + Words recognition with Letterland Action Songs (Free Printables)

From baby days till date, there are two items that can stop Vera from crying; the ferris wheel musical box which we bought in Otaru and the Letterland Action Songs album.  This album has been with me for at least 5 years, passed down from Xav. This CD has always been working like magic to soothe, calm and pacify her whenever she needs to stop crying.  Till now, she will request to have the songs played, danced to the songs or fell asleep during her naps. Even before bedtime, she will ask me to play the album for her. This album will be played thrice daily.

Photo credit : Letterland

I thought since she is now familiar with some of the songs and I would want to try exposing her to some common sight words. But the lyrics printed on the booklet is too small to capture her attention. Hence, I decided to type out the lyrics for the 26 songs using a bigger font.

Coupled with the pack of preloved Letterland First Reading Flashcards I previously bought over from a friend, I decided to stick Velcro dots on the A4 size lyrics after laminating them to make it more lasting and also sticking on the back of the flashcards since the cards were already laminated.

My ways to use this set :
1. For word recognition, track prints on the A4 self printed lyrics as we sing along with the letters "sticked" onto each song. Don't expect miracle to happen and expect your little one to recognise the words immediately if you only track prints for one day alright. It's the consistency that affects the outcome.

2. Match the upper case and lower case.

3. The best part of lamination is you can use whiteboard marker or washable markers, let your little one trace on the letters, hold their hand and guide them along. At the end of it, just wipe off with a wet cloth or tissue.

There is also another album Letterland "Handwriting Songs" which I bought as well. It teaches how to write each letter through the songs. 

Photo credit : Letterland

I did something similar as the above but I need to locate that file !

4. Create your own actions and dance along ! We have loads of silly, giggling moments when Vera did the actions while I sang.

Meanwhile, I have created a file for printing the A4, Letterland Action Songs lyrics. Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD and get ready for some laminating works.

But if you would like it to have the actions printed together with the lyrics as well just like the booklet that comes with the album. You can click HERE to download and print too.

I hope this link is useful to you if you are using Letterland learning materials. Do share along if you find it beneficial or should you have better ideas on how to utilise this set.

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Disclaimer : This is NOT a sponsored post and all materials were bought and made by yours truly.

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