Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kitchen Fun - Vegetables Painting !

There are three main types of learning style. The Auditory Learners (Hear), Visual Learners (See) and Kinesthetic Learners (Touch). Unlike her brother, Vera is more of a Kinesthetic Learner who loves to hands on through an activity or doing something she likes, to process the information which I am trying to bring across to her.

I have concluded from a few failed sessions of flashing flash cards to her, she is definitely not a Visual Learner. She simply just walk away unlike Xav who took it well when he was at her age. But having a dominant learning style does not mean that the rest cannot be improved on. I have decided to just focus on what works better for her.

Due to time constraint, Vera does not have the luxury to attend any classes at the moment as most of the time is spent on chores, housekeeping and doing daily revision with Xav and unlike her peers who are mostly attending childcares, I am keeping her with me for now.

Most of the time, I read to Vera if I can. Learnings are mostly impromptu moments in the kitchen when am preparing their meals while she will hang around in the kitchen. I took the opportunities to teach her if  I can.

Touch and learn about vegetables
Xav's trying to teach her how to string sausages using spaghetti

I wanted her to have a feel of the vegetables and using the parts which I am cutting off to do some vegetable painting. As shown below is a partial cut off from Xiao Bai Cai. Don't they look like roses ?

With some non toxic kids' paints, I pour out a little amount on the flat cover of the craft storage box and she began to work on the painting. Plan this before shower so that washing up is made easier.

Stamp and let go !

Slowly, she filled up the blank piece of paper with her stamping. Note to self that I should have laid a sheet of plastic mat before she started on it to save the hassle of cleaning up.

Since it is pretty hazy for this period, hope this post contributes one idea for you to allow your little ones to have some fun with something from the kitchen.
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~Summer~ said...

The xiao bai cai really looks nice! =) I've been wanting to try out different veges with Ariel too! It's a blessing that we get to keep them with us for now even if it means they do not have formal classes. I believe she is learning too by just exploring, playing and observing Mama doing chores. Lol. I think Vera had lotsa fun! Thanks for linking up! =)

Serene Seah said...

Thanks Summer ! Yes if we see it from another point of view ! =) well I hope she picks up from her observation and helps me out next time. =P

Time flies and you are now in your last tri! Looking forward to see your new bundle of joy soon !

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