Friday, October 16, 2015

Chicken Soup with Vegetables.

There will be bound to have days like today, when I felt like taking something light and soupy. My mother-in-law's carrot cubes with diced chicken soup came into my mind.

This soup uses very simple ingredients. This is my version and it's a hit with the kids. The corn bits added an extra crunch and Vera loves it ! I knew it when she asked for more servings and Xav told me the soup was nice. He wiped out the whole bowl clean.

Best of all, no seasoning is needed and the soup is naturally sweet.

Ingredients :
- chicken meat (diced)
- carrots (diced)
- corn (I "shaved" the corn so that its easier for Vera to chew on the corn bits and boiled the core with the rest.)
- Leek (sliced)

I brought the water to boil and pour the ingredients in, cover with the lid and let the pressure cooker do the job. If you would like to make this as vegetable stock, you can add on onions and omit the chicken. I did cook something similar before using the same ingredients but without the leeks.

Chicken Mushroom Soup
I would have to say the leeks made a huge difference to the outcome of the soup.  t's more tasty when added! This is yet another effortless, quickfix if you would just want to  have some soup to go with a bowl of rice.

Here's another quickfix if you feel like having a light, soupy meal :
- Sliced Fish Soup

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