Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Baked Cheesy Portobello Mushrooms with Prawns

I documented this dish about 2 years ago with just plain cheese. On and off, I think I did baked once a while. Today, the feeling of just wanted to cook something just came by and I went to shop for all the ingredients needed for lunch and dinner. It's a EAT AT HOME Day otherwise it will be "What shall we eat for dinner ?" yet again at Seletar Mall.

Steps and ingredients are the same as the post which I provided the link with from above, just a little different from the usual, today I added in diced prawns and top it together with the cheese.

You might want to try out different ingredients, perhaps adding in scallops , shredded crab meat, diced squid to make some cheesy seafood toppings.

I actually overlooked that  I am having this in the oven and went to attend to Vera. Ended up with a plate of over-baked Portobello mushrooms  but it was still a hit ! Nothing was left as usual. How encouraging when Vera took her bite and told me "yum yum !" For little kids, do cut the mushrooms up into bite size to prevent choking.

Baking time takes about 25 mins or you may wish to monitor and remove it once the cheese turns golden brown.

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