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{Review} Digital Consultation : Spotless Medical

Few weeks back, I attended #BlogMeetSg,

 hosted by Lucy Waring, blogger of Lullabelle Lifestyle  at "The Nail Social"

Spotless Clarifying Cleanser was amongst the door gifts that were given to me.

To be frank, I am undecided if I should use the cleanser as I am quite particular on the type of products that go onto my face. My skin type belongs to the combination category coupled with some sensitivity and usually, not all cleansers are unsuitable for my face.  More often than not after using, either you see a breakout, bumps or milia seeds appearing on my eye bags. Most of the time I need to trial and error with the products. The last thing I want to see is, the products going into the bin. How hurting it will be to my pockets !

Coincidently, I had some outbreaks on my forehead which could be due to the irritation from my fringe and probably some hormonal changes.

Taken on 16/9/15 @ One Beauty Spa Eye Treatment (Review coming up)

To add on, it was really upsetting that for an unknown cause, both my cheeks and the area near to the nostrils started to itch, dry and peel. But it does not seem to come to and end. New skin came up but was reddened and the cycle repeats ! I have tried so hard for my fingers to refrain from peeling the dry skin off.

I read on the label that Spotless' skincare range are specially created for inflamed, sensitive skin. The products are formulated to be extremely gentle, cleanse, hydrate and shield without irritating or over stimulating. I thought why not just try out Spotless Clarifying Cleanser and it may just help to clear up the outbreak and the drying part on my cheeks shall be monitored.

Spotless Clarifying Cleanser contains :
AHA (Alphahydroxy Acid) for effective exfoliation of dead skin layers. It helps to diminish acne, improve blackheads and whiteheads. It also can help improve the appearance of enlarged pores by promoting skin renewal. 
Green Tea & Licorice extracts soothe and protect the skin.

I dispensed a little amount onto my wet palm, lathered into foam before I work on my face. It was light and silky. After rinsing off, my face felt clean and light, not a slightest feel of the skin tightening up and yet at the same time, it was not stinging to the almost new skin on both sides of my cheeks.

And today I took a picture of the almost blemish free forehead with credits going to Spotless Clarifying Cleanser.

Taken on 27/9/2015

Subsequently, I decided to try out using Spotless App for my persistent peeling on my cheeks. YES, you did read correctly ! Seriously, a consultation via an mobile app is way too cool and TIME SAVING especially for busy mums. No more waiting in queue and more waiting just to pay your bills.

Moms like me who are with the kids 24/7 truly find such services very useful. All you need to do is to download that app and have your consultation done over your mobile phone at the comfort of wherever you are and whenever you are available to reply.

Basically, Spotless is an app-based medical practice specialising in all skin issues.

Spotless App

How does the procedure works ?

I started by sending in pictures of my areas of concern via the app. I snapped the reddened area on my cheeks as well as the pigmentation on my right. The function of the app works just like Whatsapp. You can send pictures and messages to the doctor.

Promptly, I received a reply from Dr Ian (As shown below). He diagnosed it to be Seborrhoeic dermatitis which was what actually happened on my cheeks.

Reply by Dr. Ian Chen

Within three days, Spotless Medical sent Sebclair over to me. I was relieved when I saw that Sebclair was non-steroidal and fragrance free. Reason being, I have tried steroid creams out of desperation on Vera when she had  really bad eczema outbreak, not only steroids is unable to treat but in fact had thinned her skin until I tried Calecim for her.

My treatment cream

The usage on the number of application sent over the conversation chat can always be referred to should I forgot on the frequency of application.

One area of concern you must be having in mind; are the doctors certified ? Spotless panel doctors are fully-certified medical practitioners from reputable medical schools, with post-graduate training in skin care.

During my treatment period, the doctor (Dr Ian) remained unchanged and followed up with me and over the course of Spotless treatment and I am free to contact him. Bid goodbye to appointment making and save on that travelling time !

After 12 days of using Sebclair, the peeling and redness was greatly reduced.

All in all, I am totally elated that the outbreak was under control and am on my way back to a healthy skin.

- Spotless treats all skin conditions
- a Spotless consultation is $20 but there are always promos and other ways to defray the cost such as by referring new patients. Invite your friends via email by keying in the app.
- More affordable medicines or cheaper as compared to normal clinics because the aim of Spotless is to make great skin available to everyone
- Do visit Spotless Facebook page and give a LIKE to be updated with their articles on skin health ! I love their articles written by or reviewed by their own doctors. Being an oiling enthusiast, it is not just about the oils I use but I do read up on our diet and the importance of maintaining a healthy gut too and yes
- Do click here to read more about the Frequently Asked Questions.
And for all Xavvy-licious readers ! Spotless Medical is offering a 40% off any skin treatment cream if you quote "XAVVY". Go refer your friends to try this digital consultation !

If you need to be in touch with Spotless Medical :  
Email :
Facebook : Spotless Medical
Instagram :
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Disclaimer : I received a complimentary treatment for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !  

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