Sunday, September 6, 2015

DBS Marina Bay Public Sailing (SM40)

Finally, we managed to go for our first sailing experience ! The very popular DBS Marina Sailing Programme was launched in 2013, providing the community with an opportunity to get into the Marina Reservoir and enjoy the view of the bay from a different perspective as well as to get to know this sport ! I kid you not, the tickets are being snapped up pretty fast ! Thankful to my sis who managed to book for us.

We registered for the 4pm session but arrived at Customs House about 30 minutes earlier in case I cannot find the place. The venue is just at the back of One Marina Boulevard, commonly known as NTUC Building and right in front of Customs House, spot the pontoon and sail boats, then you are at the right place !

There is no registration counter so just lookout for staff on the berth and submit your indemnity form. I printed out from home beforehand to save the hassle of filling up on the spot.

We were given the  life vests and was told that we would be going onto Swedish Match 40 (SM 40).

Our sailing date

We hopped on a rubber dingy to be transferred onboard SM40 which I did not expect in the first place. I was then carrying a shoulder bag and wore a pair of white, canvas shoes. I should have carried a backpack and wore a pair of waterproof sandals instead of a pair of canvas shoes as there were water in the rubber dingy. I was careful enough to not to dirty my shoes and kept my balance without having the bag slipped off my shoulder. Now that you know it, don't be like me !

We learnt that sailing also requires teamwork and effective communication. You have to give your instructions clearly to other crew members.

The captain behind the huge steering wheel !

Captain asking where we should sail to !

We chatted , sailed and took pictures of the beautiful skyline around the vicinity of Marina Bay. Everyone on board will get a chance to try steering at the wheel, so do wait patiently and in an orderly manner.

Do observe safety on board too:
Do not step on the ropes as your feet may get caught in the moving ropes.
Do not run as you trip over the edges in the middle of the boat. There was a girl who tripped herself accidentally when she was trying to rush over to pull and control the jib sail.
Do mind your head if you are sitting along the sides, the main boom may just swing across when the sail changes direction.

Things to note :
- Per person may register for up to a max of 4 pax. This event is FREE for the public.
- Allocation is on a first-come-first-served basis at the registration site. Please click here to register or for more information about the sessions. Folks, fastest fingers first. Do randomly check for new openings when nearing the end of each month.
- Participants must be at least 7 years old and below 70 years old.
- Wear strapped sandals will be the best as you need to board the rubber dinghy to get onto SM40 and there will be water. Loose fitting footwear like slippers are good too but I feel may not be too appropriate in case it slips off.
- Carry a backpack and not shoulder bag should you need to bring your bags with you.
- Gear yourself up with a pair of sunnies, cap and sun block in the event if the sun is scorching hot if your session is in the mid day.
- Due to the haze, if the PSI level is more than 100, it is classified as unhealthy as per NEA's air quality guideline, all water activities will be ceased. This is in case, you are wondering why you are being turned away on the spot without prior notification. For PSI updates , do check out on NEA's website.

The duration depends on the crowd. Usually it will last between 20 - 30 mins ? We had a 40mins great ride and we will definitely be back to try out SM2O. Thank you to the three volunteers too. They are very friendly and patient with the kids !

This is available on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month.  Please click here to register or for more information about the sessions available each month.

We went by MRT, alighted at Raffles Place Mrt station and exited at Exit J where One Marina Boulevard is. Go up the escalator, out of the building and keep to your left, go straight and you will see Customs House.

Photo credit :Eventbrite Sg

For experience on SM20, read what Says Happy Mums have to say as they went for both!

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