Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SG 50 - The Little Red Brick Show @ Central Library

One day before the start of the Golden Jubilee long weekend. I knew my 7 yr old Lego-Fanatic would love this and I was there with him for close to 2 hours ! Every single detail in the creations were all built with LEGO bricks, it's totally awesome !

Scroll down and see if any of these brings back any of your memories from the past ! Xav excitedly told me that he spotted the Samsui Women. I have told him before that Samsui Women were the ones who constructed buildings and houses during Singapore's early development. I was not even born then !

Samsui Women also referred as 红头巾 in Chinese.
9th August 1965 - Proclamation of Independence

There was not much recreation in the early days, watching opera was one of the common hangouts for the community.


Some of the conserved buildings in Singapore. One of the very beautiful creations I loved, the colourful Peranakan Houses. The intricate details were beautifully pieced together.

For those of you who grew up in Tiong Bahru vicinity, you might find this familiar.

Houses in Tiong Bahru Estate

Katong Bakery & Confectionery Co @ East Coast Road

Two-storey shophouse with a jackroof and five-foot way

The old National Library along Stamford Road, was a main part of my childhood days. I spent pretty lots of time there doing my school projects.

National Library at Stamford Road

I fondly remembered I actually skipped my lectures just to queue overnight to buy the Millennium Kitties in year 2000 - Millennium Year ! alright, the kitties are now stowed away in the store room !

Kitty Craze

Iconic playgrounds in HDB Estate - The Dragon, Elephant, Pelican & Watermelon

Games of Yesteryears !

Fire engine and SBS Bus of the past.

Fire Engine

I remembered the plates were interchangeable. Those were the days when the buses do not have LCD display like the current buses.


The orange and white

KTM Trains

CMPB @ Dempsey Road
SOC (Standard Obstacle Course)

Icon of Singapore - Singa, the courtesy lion 


A display depicting the queue to enter parliament house to pay their final respect to our late founding father, Lee Kuan Yew. Even the flag was pieced at half mast.

Singapore Parliament House

Skyline of the city

Our beautiful garden city

There is a small area for free play where kids can create and build with the bricks provided.

New friend made =)

Even Vera was happily playing along aside with her brother.

The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition) is held at :
Central Library, Level 1 Foyer (The Plaza)
11am - 8 pm daily
1- 28th August 2015.
Admission is FREE for all.

Nearest train station : Bugis Mrt Station / Bras Basah Mrt Station

If you have not made your visit, do go !

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