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Police Heritage Centre - SG 50 Golden Jubilee

Here's looking back on how the Golden Jubilee long weekend was awesomely spent catching up with mummy friends whom I have not meet for months, we visited the Police Heritage Centre to know more about the history of Singapore Police force and of course happiness was, to be able to catch the fireworks at Marina Bay Sands.

I emailed to book a slot for the guided tour at Police Heritage Centre. Should you be intending to make a visit, note that they have a limit to the number of visitors per time slot, so plan and book early.

When emailing the organisation, do provide the following :
- Your full name
- NRIC no.

as they require this information to  do security clearance on their side. Upon arrival at New Phoenix Park where the Police  Headquarters is, enter by the side gate and make your way to the security counter to get your pass exchanged. 

* Note : For kids aged 7 and above to bring their bus pass and Identity Card/ Passport for the adults. *

As it is considered a sensitive establishment, we would have to walk through the metal detector gates and have our bags checked. Try not to bring any sharp or prohibited objects in your bags. As well as photography. Do comply with the rules when comes to areas where photography are not allowed. You will be briefed by the guide before the start of the tour.

We gathered at the lobby for briefing and saw was this retro looking beetle which was the patrol car of yesteryears ! How cool it was when we heard that they may one day have the plans to perhaps get this on the road  !

Police Radio Car

First, we were brought to the Commemorative Gallery, a place where they honour the police officers who died in the line of duty and also for those who have received awards for their courage and bravery.  We have the opportunity to learn about Singapore's former Commissioners of Police : Mr John Le Cain, Mr Cheam Kim Seang and Mr Tan Teck Khim. They were the leaders who led by example.

Going up to the next floor where the Command Gallery was, we learnt about the men who had played a significant role in the development of the World Class Force Singapore has today.  And do you know that some road and street names like Dunlop Street for instance, was named after the leaders ?

The Gallery showcases the transformation of the uniforms and badges of ranks over the years.

1945 -1959
1968 - 1982
From 1982

1997 - Present

At the Main Gallery, it is divided into 8 areas :
- Introduction of Singapore's first police force in 1819, which was made up of only 1 Sergeant, 12 Constables and a Jailer.

Singapore Police Force's first uniform

- The Pioneer Police Force (1819 - 1945)
- The Post War Period (1945 - 1948 ) - Recruitment and Radio
- Rebuilding the Force (1949 - 1958 ) The postwar saw a surge in secret society activities, communist insurgency and the Meria Hertogh Riots of 1950 resulted in the formation of the first Riot Squad in 1952.

Back then, Singapore was rocked with violence of Hock Lee Bus Riot and the Chinese Middle School Riots. We got to see the type of equipment used to deal with the rioting crowds.

Here you get to see the Red Riot Vehicle which is also commonly known as "Ang Chia"to the older generation.

Next was the Secret Societies exhibits. No photography in that area is allowed and parents with young children do note that there is an exhibit of a skull. Hence. it's entirely up to one if you are comfortable to let your child see it without causing him / her any distress. Both my 7 & 2 yr old were pretty fine with it.

- Republic of Singapore Police Force (1959- 1968) Hear these three officers out at the "Kampong" Police Post as they recount their experiences during the tumultuous 1960s. Guess what was the item on the right in the picture below used for ? Xav's answer was to hit the houseflies and mosquitoes  !!!

It was actually used to put out fire during kampong times.

- Modernising the Force (1969 - 1979)
- The Force and the Community (1980 - 1989)
- Towards a World Class Force (1990 - 2001)
- Police National Service

Some of the very familiar looking finger print kit,

Finger print kits

Identi Kit of the past

Should you be keen to read more on the history of Singapore Police Force, go to Remember Singapore, a pretty comprehensive write up there.

I thought it would be just nice to share these pictures below as well as Xav was bugging me recently to show him my picture in uniform. I was running through my albums to filter it out for him and found these taken like 10- 15 years ago. Spot me in the group ?

Trainee days @ Old Tracom - Squad 22/02 (15 years ago)

Orchard Neighbourhood Police Station was my first posting right after I completed my 6 months training in Tracom. My stinct of 4 years left me precious memories. Back then I had a team of fun loving colleagues and the 4 years of experience as a ground officer was something which cannot be found in a normal desk bound job. To me, this was indeed an extraordinary career.

 During the course of work, there were fun moments too.

A lost and found beagle.

During a school carnival ( A decade ago) 

We worked hard and we played hard. I forgot if this was an inter- division competition or just among the 5 NPCs. Now, I do not run in races anymore but I am running after my little ones at home.

Triathalon (10 years ago)

Will Xav be influenced by us and choose to embark on this extraordinary career when he grows up.

"Acting" DSP Xavier
Perhaps ......the future officers.

If you plan to make a trip, the details are as follows;

Address :
Police Headquarters
New Phoenix Park
28 Irrawaddy Road
Singapore 329560

Contact : 6478 2123
Fax : 6478 2168
Email : SPF_Police_Heritage@SPF.GOV.SG
Website :

Opening Hours :
Closed on Mondays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Tuesdays - Fridays : 10 am to 5.30 pm
Saturdays : 10 am to 1 pm

Note that admission is free but visits are by appointment only. If you ask me, the police Heritage Centre is more suitable for age 7 and above. Younger ones may not seem to take well to the tour as it can be a ittle dry. Fun part will be , they can dress up in the police uniforms in children's sizes and have their photos taken.

Getting there :
By MRT : Novena Mrt Station (Exit A)

By Bus : Balestier Road
21, 130, 131, 145, 186 (10 minutes walk)

Thomson Road
5, 21, 54, 56, 57, 131, 143, 162, 162M (10 minutes walk)

By Car : Parking is available at Tan Tock Seng Link or Novena Square.

The next evening, we went to Marina Bay Sands to catch the dazzling fireworks. 

We managed to get a table at HY California (yes again partly because of the sashimi)  and awaited for the fireworks. I captured a few but not a lot of pictures because I wanted to really just enjoy those moments without capturing anything but to let the spectacular moments remain in my memory.

The beautiful city skyline by night

National Day was spent watching the live broadcast of NDP 2015 while daddy had work commitments.

The long weekend ended with attending the little ones' bashes on the following Monday. How was yours spent ?


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Madeline Heng said...

Very cool! Never knew u were part of the police force once upon a time! I'm sure u can still run very well haha. Thanks for sharing :)

Madeline Heng said...

Very cool! Never knew u were part of the police force once upon a time! I'm sure u can still run very well haha. Thanks for sharing :)

Angie. S said...

You know Dana's ambition is to be a policewoman since she was in K1, till now she's still very firm on it. In fact she says she wants to be a CSI. I just showed her your photos in the uniform and her first reaction was "wow Aunty Serene is so cool!" 😄 Will try to bring her to visit the Police Heritage Centre one day. Thanks for sharing!

xavvy said...

Madeline, thanks for reading ! So now u know lol !! erm ... likely not when Xav's stamina is so much better than mine, hahaa need to start training !

xavvy said...

Angie, wow ! I'm sure she will be a very good CSI officer ! Keep her interest going ! I think you can get those finger print kits from Amazon and she can go start off having fun lifting finger prints. =)

Cynthia Koh-Aw said...

Aisay! Your kids will definitely be so proud of their mama!! Thanks for sharing! Got to find some time to make a trip down... :)

xavvy said...

Hi Cynthia, most welcome ! Sept holidays ? One thing good about it, it will not be overly crowded and definitely of a good number as they limit the number of visitors per time slot. Have fun !

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