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Luxurious Gift Wrapping Workshop with Jane Means

Those who knew me from school days and if you are one of them who had received your gifts from me and remembered that I would usually add a bow to it or your birthday cards being slotted into an envelope, both handmade by yours truly ? Even if I did not wrap the gift, I would make sure that they still, would be given to you with bow attached to it.

One awesome Saturday noon well spent at Jane Means' Gift Wrapping Workshop and I brought home with loads of tips on gift wrapping and making those perfect bows ! I tell you, I felt so inspired ! I have to shout out loud here that apart from making cards and craft, I LOVE GIFT WRAPPING, if you do not know this side of me ! I LOVE RIBBONS  ! I LOVE TO MAKE GIFT BAGS ! I LOVE to buy pretty papers and make my own gift bags as I felt that it makes the gift more special and probably the receiver would have feel so special and happier ! I even have the thoughts of being a full time gift wrapper when I was younger !

I was privileged to attend a gift wrapping workshop by the gift wrapping and ribbon guru, Jane Means, who is an author/ TV presenter. For 15 years, she has been wrapping for big brands (to list a few) like Dior, Chanel, for the celebrities and even the Royalties. I was amazed by how easy the bows can be made and add a touch of WOW to a simple gift wrap. As I bring you through the creations I learnt in the workshop, I have also at the same time added the links of the tutorials of what I have learnt. Do visit Jane Means' blog, it's awesome !

We learnt how to wrap irregular shaped objects and we were learnt how to turn ribbons into beautiful bows and ribbons, adding them on to enhance the final presentation of the gift.

 My first attempt in making a fabric rose using wired ribbons and how I loved the one with frayed edges ! a rose can add a touch of luxury feel to the gifts and I wish I had learnt how to make them 8 years ago for my wedding corsages or even glue on to a clip as an hair accessory!

The roses below were done by me and I think I need more practice !

Here's another ribbon rose made using Ric Rac Ribbons, twirled and gave some stitches to secure them together. Just like the above, I need more practices to perfect it.

Next comes, tissue wrapping. Have you ever tried wrapping a gift with tissues without using any scotch tape to secure ? Read on ! I could insert a stalk of fabric rose into fold that could act as a "holder".

A simple handmade envelope made from wrapping paper. Add a tag and tie a little bow to it and you are all ready to gift it away ! The envelope fitted nicely in the "holder" of the wrapped gift.

And we learnt how to create more volume to a flat gift using cellophane papers or you can add a tailored ribbon bow to it.

Demo by Jane on how to add a tailored bowl to the gift wrap.

It was really easy to make and I am going to make some and stick onto alligator clips for Vera to hold her growing mane.

Tailored Ribbon Bow by Jane Means

And I learnt to make a tissue pom pom that looked like a pom pom !!! Don't ask me why but I failed terribly each time. Finally, I learnt to do it correctly from the workshop and it was not used to hang as any party decorations but to decorate a gift!

A combined effort from all participants.

Final presentation using pom pom by Jane.

Here I present to you what Jane Means had created and what I had learnt from her.

Works of Jane Means

My works

Thank you Jane Means for all the gift wrapping tips and not forgetting the nice company of the fellow moms.

Front : Jane Means, Back ( Left) : Dominique, Pc, Janice & Me

Shortly right after I posted a photo of what I have learnt onto my personal facebook account, I have friends who gave praises for the nice gift wrapping and some have also asked about where can they sign up or be kept in the loop for future workshops.

So here you are should you be keen in the future courses planned for Spring 2016 in Singapore, act fast ! They have limited early bird offers !

For those of you who would love to add a new book of your hobby into your collection, you can too purchase "Giftwrapped" too !

Do join in Jane Means' mailing list by emailing them at : Those of you who share common interest in Gift Wrapping and love to play with ribbons, do follow Jane Means on: Pinterest,  twitter @janemeans, Jane Means' blog for more tips and ideas !  I love her gallery on Instagram  !

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Disclaimer : I was invited for the workshop in exchange for a blog post. No monetary compensation is involved, all opinions are of my own.

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