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My "Me Time" Moments

How many of you are with me that even if you would have to run an errand around the neighbourhood without having the kids with you, that short moment can be quite helpful especially when you need a breather for yourself.

I have to admit that Life as a Stay-At-Home-Mum without any helper and additional support can be pretty draining for me at times. For now, am with a duper active toddler who simply just loves to explore around the house by pulling things off the shelves other than her own toys while on the other hand, am still training up the 7 year old to keep his toys and books in place after use.

I appreciate my other half for his contribution by helping out in the house chores and kids and is always more than willing to give me "ME Time" to unwind.

Some of my favourite "ME Time" Moments without any kids' interruption, just me doing the things I love to do and MY TIME starts usually after 9.30 pm, call me a night owl else I will usually squeeze time out in the early morning.

- It's as though I am fighting sleep. I find that sleeping is a waste of time because I have so many things in mind which I wanted to execute but with so little time available. I will BLOG usually in the night when both are asleep or early morning when Vera is still in her dreamland.

- When am not blogging, I am and have tried to reduce my time spent scrolling aimlessly to read facebook updates. But I love to SURF for ideas on Pinterest to look for ideas to make busy bags for Vera. I used to make my own home learning kits for Xav, though the kits will be handed down to Vera but I would still very much love to make something different for her learning. Currently, I'm working on a fishing kit for a busy bag exchange with 9 other mummies and at the same time, planning a second exchange with another group of excited mums who stays in the vicinity of Sengkang as well as a quiet book just for Vera next in line.

It gets me excited each time as I planned and looking very much to the completed kit. 

I cut out the foam shapes one by one using this "elephant" of mine. This die cutter machine has been with me for 8 years ? The feeling of rolling out the plates, especially in the night can be really therapeutic.

- I love to CRAFT, create and keep the beautiful memories in albums. But it has been a long time since I last worked on a layout. I am gradually trying to try new stuff like trying out Project life to document down the memories as it seems to be less time consuming.

Project Life - January 2015

What am currently working on; a belated anniversary gift. No surprise as usual because dear already saw me working on the frame with the spray mists.

Making & keeping memories

- Due to the length of my hair, a cut is needed monthly to maintain the "shape" otherwise, I will book for a facial or a very much needed body massage SESSION. That 3 hours away from the kids, I went home feeling refreshed and it seems like we missed each other pretty much when big hugs and excited "screams" greeted me when I opened the door. This time is very much given by my other half who allowed me to go for some fixes.

- Ever since I embarked on the oiling journey, I ENRICH myself with knowledge of not just essential oils. I am going into Food Immunology as well and would usually share the knowledge with the rest of my team members on how a healthy diet and well balanced hormones can have an impact on our immune system. You may see or "read" me going for morning appointments with my Zyto scanner !

Enriching my knowledge with the above
If you are one of the mums or even dads who are going to tell me that after getting hitched and having a family of your own, you start to "lose" friends as you have no time to contact and connect with them nor join in any social gatherings, then you might want to take a step back and think about it. (Note that am not targeting this at anyone who are probably already in this situation or gradually allowing it to happen, I am just lucky that my other half is understanding and supportive)

No doubt that family is on top of everything but I feel there ought to be a balance somehow. If you have been putting all the focus on your kids most of the time on top of your work or housechores, be ready to get burn out in no time. Go plan in advance, set a date with your friends, ask your other half to take over while you go for a well deserved break.

It takes two hands to clap, not to mention about keeping and maintaining FRIENDSHIPS. Me and my other two rusty, old friends will make an effort to meet up once a while to catch up with each other over a meal. We are practically still very much the same since 1996. Nothing changes, no pretendence among us, just the same old us.

The two gems which I am keeping for life =)

My network of friends expanded as well after I became a mom. Two years ago, I joined in the Singapore Mom Bloggers Community, I made friends with other mum bloggers, new friendships were forged when Vera came into my life with the 2013 Sengkang mums,  as well as after Xav started on primary one with the parents of the primary one goers.

New friendships were forged too along my oiling journey, from strangers to friends after all the care and share ! I have even reconnected back with some long lost school friends from the embarkation of this wellness business.

Last but not least, I love to TRAVEL ! I was granted my longest "ME Time" last year when I travelled to attend Young Living's International Grand Convention in Utah and extended my stay there with blessings and approval from dear. A straight 10 days ! For the first time, I learnt to LET GO of the kids totally as I told myself that the kids will be in good hands of the daddy and had a really nice break alone.

@ Grand Canyons

The above are my favourite "ME Time" indulgences. What are your favourite "Me Time" moments ?Leave me a comment and share them with me ! Feeling on the verge of burning out and yet to get some break away from everything, do request for it. Be kind to yourself and not wait till you are exhausted from everything. Remember self care is crucial !

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